23 Goals at 23 Years Old

I've never been about the whole 'New Year, New Me' mindset, hence why I have never really set myself with any new years resolutions. I'm fortunate enough to be quite happy with how my life has been so far, but looking forward I do want this year to be a more productive year, pushing personal boundaries and taking the time to focus on what I want personally and professionally.

While I have royally missed the boat for a new years resolution by about 3 months, I thought I could do one around my 23rd birthday, that would last all through the year till I turn 24 (on the 1st of February 2020).

Being adequately cliche, I thought 23 goals for a 23 year old me sounds... suitable.

How My 22nd Year Went

In short, it went something like Taylor Swift's song 22:

We're happy free confused and lonely at the same time It's miserable and magical oh yeah

I was never planning 22 to be a crazy year, but my decision to take a leap of faith to move back to Liverpool had a big influence on how it went. There was a lot of uncertainty with how things could go, but thankfully nothing went terrible. I was sane (for the most part) and I've managed to only managed to kill 3 cacti.

Personally. There were a whole lot of ups, including reuniting with my beloved dance friends, starting my own little blog group, moving into an extremely loving house of friends who I also climb with and exploring a lot of the UK. But there were a few downs too, including a break up and missing my family. In general, these events happened hand in hand with the fact that I have engaged in a new life in a completely different country. Since turning 22, I have had to actively build a new routine, which can be quite difficult when everyone else around me already has their routine figured out. In that process, there required a lot of trial and error in order for what I consider to be my most comfortable self, and that takes a whole lot of physical and mental effort. While it has been a very, very confusing and exhausting year, it has also been one of the most exciting and most grounding year I have had to date.

Professionally. Day job wise, I'm proud to say that I have stayed for over 6 months, which is a massive step-up from the commitment or lack thereof from my younger self. I have been more proud of my side job, the freelance tasks I do after work that fuels my creative flare. Most of you know that I have a blog, Klassic Karen, which has been undergoing quite a lot of structural and literal changes. A big part of its development is my logo design and branding element of it. I started Klassic Studio as a personal goal to feed my passion in mood-boarding and creating pretty graphics for my clients. But it was beyond that! Throughout the process, I have learn't how to better communicate with client and better manage the creative process. One of my greatest achievements while I was 22 was having one of my logos jump out of the digital arena and into the real world. IMI and CO is an Australian hair salon, they not only adopted their new logo (that I designed) to their digital profiles, but also used it on their window front and their wall. Although I didn't see it in person, the 40 second clip of my creation being exhibited with pride was something I felt proud of.

Nonetheless, 22 years old held many important milestones and I don't want this process to slow down.

How I Envision My 23rd Year To Go

For my birthday I went home to Hong Kong and celebrated my birthday, every time I return I touch base with my roots and remind myself of the reasons of why I left home and how I am going to make the most of it.

Last year was a lot of readjusting, which meant my health, mental health and wallet suffered collateral damage. I've started this year with a relatively solid schedule and gives me more time to be able to focus and developing skills.

Whether it be a personal or professional goal, I'm really really excited for the rest of the year to play out and for me to say that I have completed the following list by February next year.

23 Goals For A 23 Year Old Me

Before I start making this list, I wanted to set a few rules for myself. I know goals are all about self-improvement, but I also want this to be a year about creating memories. I want my year to be enjoyable but challenging at the same time, which is why these goals have to be specific enough for me to say it's been completed.

In no particular order, my 23 goals for my 23rd year are:

  1. Take my Tripod out and learn how to take better photos with my DSLR camera

  2. Be (relatively) consistent with my Instagram posts

  3. Climb a purple route at the Climbing Hangar

  4. Develop a workout routine that suits myself

  5. Collaborate. Collaborate. Collaborate

  6. Double my readership

  7. Begin the process of learning how to drive

  8. Learn how to drive traffic using Pinterest

  9. See an exponential growth in my savings (and monthly savings)

  10. Curate 8 outfit looks (that I genuinely love)

  11. Work on one full branding project for a client (so not just a logo)

  12. Go without dessert or sugary treats for 180 days (or 6 months, whichever's shorter)

  13. Waking up around 6:30 AM each day and going to bed by 23:00 PM each night (besides night outs and weekend lie ins)

  14. Make conscious purchases for eco-friendly substitutions

  15. Read 10 Fictional Books

  16. Applying for a Tier 2 Visa

  17. Create 4 smoothie recipes (that I actually like)

  18. Write a minimum of a blog post each week

  19. Finish a dance class remembering the whole routine by myself

  20. Coordinating an efficient yet sustainable content schedule

  21. Go on a camping trip

  22. Visit 3 new cities in the UK

  23. Host a networking event

So there you have it, 23 goals that I look forward to ticking off. I'll write a post about the things I do start completing and hopefully making the most of this year even more so than the last.

And of course I look forward to next year's post when I can say I've completed all of them. (Fingers crossed anyway!)