3 Best Jobs For Your Health

If the pressure of the trading floor, the long hours needed to work in investment banking or the number crunching of finance doesn’t do it for you, you might be keen to explore healthier career options. While you may have been told that job security, money and promotion prospects are the key aspects to your career, you might be struggling to find the job satisfaction and fulfilment that you so dearly crave. Take a look at these careers that will not only have you feeling more content with life, but also have a positive impact on your health.

Landscape Gardener

While you may not have considered a horticultural career before as you struggle to find a green finger among your digits, this could be the ideal job to get you outdoors and enjoying some fresh air. No matter what the weather you can find yourself in someone’s back garden laying some decking, designing a water feature or planting an array of chrysanthemums. You may even want to head back to college to gain a formal qualification in gardening. Perfect for those individuals who wish to be self employed, you can have full control over the direction that your career will take. You can be your own boss and answer to no one. Landscape gardeners perform some strenuous tasks and are naturally kept very fit by their daily activities. If you want to enjoy the flora, fauna and shrubbery that a career in landscape gardening offers, then this could be the career for you.

Working With Young People

Nothing is more fulfilling than helping a young person overcome a barrier to their learning or their mental health. People enter the teaching profession to empower children, encourage their curiosity and harness an enthusiasm for learning. Everyone remembers their favourite teacher, and you could find yourself becoming a much loved educator. If teaching is a bit too academic for you, perhaps you’d prefer studying for a master of school counselling so you can still work with smaller human beings but focus on their pastoral care and mental health rather than their academic prowess.  Every day will be different, your work life will be full of laughter, and you can feel satisfied that you are helping others.

Fitness Instructor

For obvious reasons, becoming a fitness instructor is the ultimate healthy career. You need to be well toned, have an exceptional body fat percentage and understand the nutritional needs of your body. Gym bods don’t simply look good, they also have the deeper understanding of the specific exercises needed to improve their cardiovascular fitness, enhance endurance or maintain weight. They then pass this knowledge onto clients through personal training sessions and classes. If you adore all things fitness related and would love to help the nation get fitter, working in a gym environment could be fulfilling.

You don’t have to be earning lucrative amounts every year and working all hours to be the epitome of success. Thinking outside the box and shunning the traditional desk jobs can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying career.