6 Simple Signs You Are Not Being Valued at Work

As your alarm blares out its shrill tone first thing in the morning, a wave of despair ripples through your body. You are usually extremely upbeat and super motivated for everything in your life, but at the moment work is a drag. You are so unhappy at the moment that you’re thinking about switching your career and making a brand new start. Before you rush into any rash decisions it is important to realise what the cause of the problem is. If you simply walk away from the situation it will never get better and it may well happen again in your new workplace. The best thing you can do is stay where you are and explore all of the options. You need to understand why you aren’t being valued and work and how you can improve the situation. If you can’t quite put your finger on it, then perhaps these six simple signs will help you along the way. Nobody should wake up in the morning feeling sad, sluggish and unmotivated; get the spring in your step again and find a workable solution to your ongoing problems at your place of employment.

There Is No Care for Your Well being

If you have been suffering from a health issue or mental health disease then you need adequate support and care within your workplace. If your managers haven’t looked into the Employee assistance programmes from Peninsula, then they are truly neglecting your well-being and need to find better ways to support you. You deserve to be looked after properly and your health should be your workplace’s very top priority.

You Are Constantly Being Overlooked

Have you tried for a promotion for several years now and struggled to progress any further? If you feel like you are constantly being overlooked and turned down from new opportunities then you need to ask for specific reasons why this is the case. If your work can’t come up with a valid reason why, then you are definitely being overlooked for no reason and need to seek employment elsewhere.

People Don’t Respect You

Perhaps you’re the youngest member of your team or you have slightly less experience than everybody else. Trying to earn respect at work can take time, but it can also be pretty disheartening. Try to speak up, showcase your skills and be dedicated to your workload as often as you can; eventually people will notice what you are truly capable of and they will start to respect you more.

You Feel Like Your Voice Isn’t Heard

Have you ever been sat in a meeting, sharing your insightful ideas and nobody even listens to you? You often feel like your voice isn’t being heard and it can get quite demoralising after a certain point.  You want to share discussions and have people value your opinion, but you just aren’t being listened to. Speak to your manager in private and see if they are aware of what is going on; they might be able to sort out an easy fix for you.

You Aren’t Being Paid Well

If you are being paid significantly less than your colleagues, then you will need to take it up with your manager. The gender pay gap is a hugely talked about topic at the moment, so make sure you aren’t falling victim to this. Over time your salary might increase, but it is best to ask questions and find out where you stand, rather than be paid too little for several years.

You Feel Trapped and Unmotivated

When you feel genuinely unhappy in your workplace it may be time to move on and find a new job. It might just be one of the best moves you have ever made. If you have tried all of these options and can’t seem to find a way out, then set yourself free and pursue a career you are going to feel truly valued in.

It can be a really demoralising feeling to feel trapped and unable to progress in your career. You have always been hugely motivated and these tiny setbacks can feel like huge mountains to overcome. If your well-being isn’t top of your employer’s priority list, or your pay is significantly lower than the people around you, then you need to speak out and stand up for your rights. At least you can say you tried your best to seek justice for yourself. Eventually, you will find a way out of your sad workplace rut, but don’t leave without trying your very best to succeed.