7 Attitude Changes That Will Land Your Dream Career

When you’re little, you often have these big grandiose dreams. These goals that, at the time, you believe are reachable. You visualise the life that you’re going have when you grow up. The dream job. The dream house. The dream car. The dream husband. And then you graduate. And you’re thrown into the real world. And you have bills to pay. So, sometimes, you wave goodbye to that little girl’s dreams and you just get on with life. You get a job that pays the bills. A good job that your parents want you to have. A job that’s impressive. And you work hard. You get up, you work, you socialise, you sleep. Sometimes you workout a little. Sometimes you travel. You’re living the American dream. Except that you’re not. You’re on the conveyor belt. And the sad thing is, this happens to so many of us.

Or, it did. Because now, you’re in the best possible position to change that. To go back to square one. To remember that it felt like to be that little girl with those big dreams. And to go get ‘em. Because the thing is, being able to live your dreams isn’t just made for the movies. It’s just not in fiction. It doesn’t just happen to the lucky ones or celebrities or the rich. It can happen to you too. Because we live in an age where your possibilities are endless as long as YOU are willing to go after them.

But the problem is, we don’t know that. Or, we don’t choose to embrace that. And so we stay stuck. However if you’re at a point where you feel ready to change your life and finally go after that dream career, or house, or lifestyle altogether, these are the attitude changes that can get you there.

Successful Mindset No.1: You Have To Believe That You Can

First of all, you have to believe that you can. This is essential. You need to fully back yourself and be in your own corner. Because if your brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s imaginary. If you believe you can, it will push you to make it happen.

Successful Mindset No.2: You Are Enough

And those fears that are circling your mind and holding you back, you need to shoot them down. You have to believe that you are enough and burst through these fears you keeping you from your dream.

Successful Mindset No.3: You Are Worthy

But it’s not just fear that can hold you back, it’s a lack of self-confidence too. You need to know that you are good enough. That you can do the job. That you’re worthy. So know your worth. When you call the employment agency or send an application or go for an interview, own it. Know that you can add value, and show it. Demonstrate your value. Because this will allow you to go after the dream that you once thought you weren’t good enough for.

Successful Mindset No.4: It Will Happen

You need to believe that you WILL find the success. Not that it might happen. Not that it would be nice if it did. But that it is GOING to. You need to dream it, believe it, see it and then ACT on it. You need to create a plan and MAKE it happen. And when you shift your attitude that your actions are going to get this for you, you can then hustle.

Successful Mindset No.5: It’s Just Around The Corner

But then also, you need to believe that it’s coming. That it’s just about the corner. That your success is coming. Because it’s persistence and consistency that will pay off. And you just have to keep on going. As long as what you’re doing is good, and you have talent, then you just have to keep on climbing. Knocking on doors. Selling. Keep going. Because you have to believe that you are one blog post or promotion or sale away.

Successful Mindset No.6: Why Not Me?

And one of the best? Ask yourself - why not you? If someone else does that job, why can’t you? Just think about that for a second. It’s powerful, isn’t it?

Successful Mindset No.7: I Will Overcome This

But then finally, you have to accept that there will be hurdles and hardships and failures. Because this is life. Things happen. But it’s how you handles those hurdles and hardships and failures that matters. It’s how you react. How you learn. How you GROW. So you need to know that you can overcome what is throw at you. And you need to take a positive approach to everything. Instead of thinking ‘why me?’, think - ‘what is this teaching me?’. Because when you can learn from something and grow and come out the other side stronger and better, you WILL get all that you’re working for.