7 Things You Can Give That Are Worth More Than Money

Being a giving person needn’t involve money. There are many things that you can give that are worth more than any amount of money could ever provide. Here are just 7 alternative things that you can give next time you’re feeling charitable.


There are many third world countries in which people struggle to afford clothing. Donating a pair of shoes or a jacket could help someone out in need. Many of us have clothes sitting in our wardrobes that we never wear – rather than letting this clothing gather dust consider looking into charities that can donate it to someone in need. Shoes For Crews is just one charity that does this.


There could be starving people who need food living in your local town or city. It’s for this reason that food banks exist – these places offer free food donated by the public. If you’ve got some unused jars of baked beans or a spare bag of pasta in your kitchen cupboard, consider donating this to your local food bank.


Giving blood can save people’s lives. Hospitals and emergency services are constantly in need of blood to use during operations and emergency procedures. Providing that you’re healthy and don’t take any substances, you should be able to sign up as a blood donor at your local blood bank.


Many couples are unable to have children due to fertility issues. Donating eggs or sperm could help these people in need giving them the gift of a child. In order to be an egg or a sperm donor, you will need to pass certain screening tests to ensure that you don’t have any health problems. Some people may even be willing to take on the role of surrogate mother – you’ll even get paid for doing this.


Simply passing on your knowledge can be a simple way of giving. According to the Australian Seniors Insurance Agency, the majority of seniors found that passing on knowledge was an essential part of leaving a legacy. With could be academic skills or life skills – almost all of us have some positive knowledge that we can give to someone else whether its teaching a language, offering counselling advice for people going through hard times or helping to pass on financial advice.

Voluntary hands-on help

Many people going through rough times can benefit from some form of hands-on help. This could include helping someone with mobility issues to clean their home or babysitting for a new mother. There are also various forms of voluntary work that can help to give back to the community such as working at a homeless shelter or helping to clear up after a storm. You can look for voluntary opportunities at sites such as The Do It Trust. Alternatively, there could be simple gestures that you can make to help close friends and family members.


Most people undervalue the important of having company. There are many people that are lonely such as senior people and people who may have relocated who may value your social interaction. There are charities that can help you to connect with lonely people and provide the company they need, although there may well be people who you already know who you can offer some company to.