Achieving The 'Tidy House, Tidy Mind' Life

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Traditionally, deep cleaning your home is something we all “get around to” in Spring. Indeed, the notion of a “Spring Clean” has been ingrained in our culture for decades, if not centuries, yet the benefits of deep cleaning your home and sorting through your belongings are not limited to this season.

Autumn, for instance, is an equally good time of year to consider a deep clean of your home, as it is at this time of year we often retreat into our homes, and like a squirrel who gathers its nuts to prepare for winter, we often gather a variety of items throughout the summer months that subsequently clutter our homes.

Also, with the festive season now upon us, there’s no more necessary time to deep clean your home and get organised than this time of year. In this sense, the benefits of deep cleaning your home are not limited to Spring, they apply all year around, throughout the seasons - and as we approach the festive season now is a great time to be getting your home into shape.

The benefits of having a brighter, cleaner and fresher living space are huge in practical terms, but also there are many emotional benefits to having a deep clean that can add value to all members of your family.

For instance, decluttering your home can lead to your baby having a much better night’s sleep, as babies are particularly susceptible to the energy of a home environment.

Firstly, there’s something deeply cathartic about going through your belongings and getting rid of what you no longer need. We attach to items and it can be hard to let go of certain things, and nobody is suggesting you need to let go of precious memories or items you feel particularly attached to - but there’s a fine line between having a few memory boxes and hoarding. It can be very good for your emotional health to declutter and get rid of items from the past, particularly if certain items have a painful association attached to them.

Secondly, the process of cleaning your home makes you feel better about yourself in terms of your self-esteem. Nobody likes to live in a dirty home, and most of us don’t, yet going through the house in rigorous detail to ensure every nook and cranny is cleaned can be uplifting for your emotional wellbeing.

Thirdly, the process of organising your belongings and getting things in order helps you to feel more organised, calm and grounded on the inside. After all, that feeling of desperately searching for your car keys or your passport is not conducive to the state of calm and tranquility most of us require in our homes.

In that sense, the most important aspect of a deep clean is not the clean itself - cleaning is a relatively simple task that doesn’t tend to feel overwhelming. The overwhelming part is decluttering your home and getting organised.

See, a cluttered house can lead to a cluttered mind and it’s vital you take the time to sort through the clutter, take out the trash and then get a waste management company such as to come and remove the rubbish, ideally, same day - as otherwise, we do all this decluttering but are left with a whole heap of junk in our back garden. It’s best to get it out straight away.

The next step, once you have decluttered and taken away the junk is to organise your home. This means, going through your wardrobe and arranging your clothes in a logical way, and getting really organised in terms of your documents - as it’s often the documents, in the sense of clearing out your home office that tends to take the most time.

The final step is to clean, and in this step you’ll find the most significant emotional benefits as now that things are decluttered and organised, you can clean your home, knowing that the house has been thoroughly cleansed.

Then, once this final step is completed you can head over to and grab yourself a nice bath bomb to enjoy the benefits of your newly cleaned and organised home.