Action To Take For A Cleaner Environment Today

You don’t have to be, and shouldn’t be, a tree hugging hippy to actually care about the environment and want to make a difference. Climate change is not a hoax - it’s a very real issue that we all should have done something about years ago. That doesn’t mean it’s too late to start, though - we can still make a difference if we all try.

You might believe that one person can’t make a difference, but this is not the case. Action can be taken for a cleaner environment today that will benefit everybody in the long run. You can make a change! Read on to find out what you can do:

Have Separate Bins And Use Them

Make sure you have separate bins so you know exactly what can be recycled and what can’t -and ensure everybody else in your household is on the same page. Rinse off your recycling before putting it in the bin too, as a contaminated load of recycling can get sent to the landfill if it’s too dirty.

Re-use Bags Every Time You Shop

Take bags with you every time you shop and use these bags until they are unusable. Avoid buying plastic bags every time you go out. They do not deteriorate and are destroying our wildlife and our oceans!

Use Water Filters

Water filters are better for the environment than buying lots of plastic water bottles. Invest in a reusable bottle or two, as well as a keepcup if you’re going to buy drinks when you’re out.

Drive An Electric Car

There are all kinds of great electric cars, such as the Volkswagen ID Electric Vehicles. Petrol cars should be phased out for the best result on the environment.

Invest In Solar Panels

Although they cost more in the short term, in the long term solar panels will help you to save money and make a huge difference to the way you live.

Don’t Drive If You Don’t Have To

Don’t drive if you can help it. Walk, bike, or even take public transport.

Cut Back On Meat

Meat takes a lot of water to make, and it uses all kinds of other resources that we simply don’t have enough of. The greenhouse gases produced when creating red meat is bad for the environment too. You don’t have to cut it out right now. Just cut back and buy it from a responsible source.

Buy Local Groceries

Local groceries that have not come from a far off land are much better for the environment.

Print As Little As Necessary

Don’t print if you don’t have to. If you do, use recyclable paper and ink and use both sides!

Save Electricity And Water

Turn things off when you’re not using them, and don’t leave them on stand by. Avoid running the tap when brushing your teeth, and take quick showers rather than long showers and baths!

Buy Second Hand

Buy second hand and vintage where possible, and give your stuff to second hand stores when you’re done with it. You could even start some upcycling projects!