Beauty Product Ingredients: What to Avoid During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a dream of a lot of aspiring moms out there. It may not be a smooth ride along the way, but everything will be worth the struggle when you see your little human for the first time. To ensure a healthy pregnancy, you should take note of your diet and take things slow, one at a time. You might also be prescribed malunggay oil and other related supplements to ensure a healthy mommy and an unborn baby. According to the experts from Moringa-O2, you can also use products that contain these ingredients.

Staying pretty during pregnancy

A lot of women admit to experiencing low self-esteem during their pregnancy. For one, hormones can wreak havoc, especially on pregnant women, although it may vary from woman to woman. Some may experience glowing skin and luscious hair, while others may experience hair fall, dark underarms and neck, and skin breakouts.

Add to that is the inevitable weight gain due to their pregnancy. For most women, weight gains mean feeling less pretty. Nonetheless, being pregnant can bring about a mix of emotions, especially in the beauty department.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to feel pretty even while pregnant. It can be one way to feel better about oneself despite the discomfort now until you reach your ninth month. But when it comes to choosing beauty products, pregnant women should be twice as careful as some of them may not be recommended for use at this point.

Ingredients to watch out for

If you are pregnant, you should be more particular when it comes to using beauty products. Here are the ingredients you need to watch out when buying beauty products:


This ingredient is common in skin whitening and hair straightening products. While there is no definite evidence on its adverse effects during pregnancy, it has a high absorption rate that can be potentially dangerous to the fetus.


These may pertain to Botox and other beauty treatments that involve using needles. It can lessen wrinkles and make you look years younger. However, you may have to put your Botox plans on hold when you're pregnant.


As much as possible, avoid beauty products that contain this ingredient, especially those with synthetic vitamin A. Retinoids are said to be associated with congenital disabilities, that is why it is best to avoid it for your baby's safety.

Benzoyl peroxide

Acne may be common in pregnancy, but best not to use any products containing this ingredient. In treating your acne, you should consult your doctor first before using any acne treatment products during pregnancy.

Pregnant-friendly beauty ingredients

Thankfully, there are still beauty products that are considered safe for pregnant women. For example, moisturisers containing glycerine, shea butter, or hyaluronic acid can be used as part of a pregnant woman's beauty regimen. Make sure to get a clearance from your doctor first before using it.

Malunggay supplements also helped in increasing milk supply among pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Malunggay is also said to be safe to consume when combined with viands and other dishes and snacks. Just like taking or using beauty products, you should get a go-signal first before consuming malunggay-based products.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to stay blooming and refreshed even while you are pregnant. Just make sure to consult a doctor first before using any beauty products and supplements to ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy.