Brightening Up the Walls in Your Home

When you have a home of your own, you start to focus a whole lot on interior design. You spend your disposable income on bits and bobs to make your home a more comfortable and appealing space to spend time in. The majority of us will focus on major features, such as furniture, appliances, and flooring. However, there are other things that you can focus on to give your property a personal touch. For now, let’s focus on your walls!


The majority of us will opt for neutral coloured walls. There are various reasons for this. Neutral colours tend to be more easily available, and colours tend to run across different brands, so if you decide that you need to apply a top up a coat of paint to your walls as time goes by, you should be able to find a nigh on perfect match easily, even months or years down the line. Neutral colours are also easy on the eye and relatively non-offensive, meaning that you don’t have to worry about furniture or accessories clashing with the walls either. However, seeing as the majority of homes tend to abide by this logic, you can often feel like your property has run off a mass production line and that your home is pretty similar to everyone else’s. If you want to stand out, you should consider being a little more experimental with your colour schemes. Consider brighter or bolder colours, using sample pots to see how the different colours dry on your walls after a couple of layers. If you find a colour that you particularly like, but are feeling a little hesitant, you could always try painting a feature wall in it. A feature wall is a single wall of a given room that is painted a unique colour. This is a little more subtle.

Framed Photographs

Once your walls are the right colour, you can start using them as blank canvases that you can decorate. One of the first things that you should consider adding to your walls is an array of framed photographs. Not only will these create an area of interest in your home, but they will provide you with a constant reminder of great memories. By keeping images in a picture frame rather than simply having them posted on social media, you can have a constant reminder of great friends, great family, great pets, and great memories all around you in real life!


You can fit in art around your other wall decorations. There are all sorts of wonderful pieces of art available that you should consider investing in. Your first option, and perhaps the most common option, is reprints of classic art prints by some of the world’s greatest artists. These are sold by a variety of distributors and you can look at some of the world’s most popular artworks in the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, you can invest in original prints from independent, smaller scale artists. These are generally printed in limited runs, so make sure to snap up copies while you can.


If you want your walls to become a functional space, you might want to install shelves on your walls. There are all sorts of shelves available, so there will definitely be a type to fit in with your interior design. From floating shelves to more industrial designs, there’s bound to be something perfect out there. Once they are fitted safely and properly, you can load them up with books, houseplants, and other items that can add a touch of interest to your living space.

These are just a few different ways that you can brighten up the walls of your property. So, don’t leave things looking plain and dull any longer. Implement some of these steps into your interior design as soon as possible!