Cafes in Liverpool: Thoughtfully Cafe


Who else likes pretending to be sophisticated? Hot drink in one hand, the other hand guiding your fingers to leap from one letter to the next on your keyboard. That's me on most weekends.


Cleaveland Square, Liverpool

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 8.30 am - 6pm

Saturday 9 am - 6pm

Sunday 10am - 5pm

On top of my 9 to 5 job, I spend most of my spare time on some form of a digital device - which explains my (quickly deteriorating) nearsightedness. While working in my bedroom is good when I have tight turnovers for client projects, I usually prefer a bit of liveliness. Thankfully, I've having lived in Liverpool for over 4 years, a nice cafe perfect for working is only ever an arms length away.

I've come to appreciate the hidden gems scattered across the city which is why I don't have a favourite place to work. Instead, I try to go around as many places as possible. And since I have a blog, it seems only appropriate for me to document all these pretty spaces that I visit, especially if anyone else is looking for a good work space within the city.

While you're there...




Courgette Cake

Mocha Latte (I had Oak milk in mine)

Thoughtfully is situated just around the corner from Liverpool One, the area is pretty quiet so you would more likely be able to get a seat as opposed to the places on Bold Street. With a floor length window, the cafe is optimistically lit with natural lighting, perfect for a work day. There are two levels, on the ground floor is where you order and see their selection of artisan cakes and pastry, the top floor is more like a cosy loft, with plants and minimalist decor, they even have a delightful selection of independent magazines. During my visit, I tried a friend's courgette cake, and had a mocha latte with a cheese and bacon toastie, to my delight it was a lovely start to my weekend. Young children and pets were also welcome at Thoughtfully Cafe.


Atmosphere | 9 / 10 Staff  | 8 / 10 Menu  | 7 / 10 Price | 8 / 10 Food/Taste | 8 / 10

Spaciousness | 5 / 10

Wifi Connection | 8/10 Overall Score | 8/ 10

Dietary Choices: Vegan

Gluten Free

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