Challenging and Rewarding Careers To Try

If you’re looking for a challenge in life, then you need to look at the main thing that actually dominates it. Your career is something you wake up to nearly every day of the week, no matter what career you actually go for. But, if you’re looking for something slightly more challenging, it’s not every career that’s going to send you down that path. So, we think we can help you with your new career choice. If you can’t hack the normal office job, then it’s time to get out, and consider taking up one of these challenging careers.


Teaching is one of those careers that you’re either going to be really suited to, or you’re going to hate every single minute of it. To be a teacher, you have to have a really strong mentality. If you were to go into younger years teaching, then it’s probably not going to be as bad. However, if you were to go for high school ages, you have to deal with all of the hormones and the backlashes. But, by and large, teaching is up there with one of the most rewarding jobs. There are so many teaching jobs up for grabs, and you don’t have to be the best at absolutely everything to be good at it. All you have to do is have a desire to work for children, and a pretty decent educational background yourself. A lot of teachers specialise, especially those who teach secondary education, so pick something you’re really passionate about, and go into a career where you can spark the interest of the children you teach! The pay is pretty good as well, and it’s important to remember that although the school hours might not be long, there’s a lot of work outside of it that needs to be done!

Armed Forces

The armed forces is a really great career to go into if you’re looking for something that’s going to leave you bursting with pride. You would be wrong to think that you would be throwing your life away if you were to join the armed forces, in a way, it would just be beginning. There are so many roles for you to choose from, you wouldn’t have to spend your life in there, and the skills you learn will help you to get a skilled job on the outside. The pay is decent, and you’ll get to travel the world with a bunch of people who will become some close to you!

Business Analyst

We want to talk a bit about business, because it’s one of the best areas that you can go into. It’s diverse, it’s very well paid if you make a name for yourself, and there’s plenty of career options. But, being a business analyst is a cut above the rest. It allow you to have an insight into different companies, figure out strategies for them, and earn a lot of money by doing it. You would be the fresh set of eyes that they needed to move their business forward!