Clearing Your House Before a Move

Moving house is one of the most stressful events in your life. Just the idea of having to get everything out, wrap it in bubble wrap, pack it in boxes and ship it to another location is enough to fill you with a palpable sense of dread. And yet, it is inevitable.

Though you might not be planning to move house for a few months, one of the best pieces of advice you can get is to start the process early. The longer you have to achieve the impossible, the less impossible it will feel. De-cluttering, tidying and moving all in a few days is a mammoth task, so taking a few weekends to do all these jobs is a really good idea.

So start looking for a great skip bin price, because you’re going to need it!

Get Rid of Your Junk

Getting rid of your junk is a real test of patience. It’s surprising how emotional throwing things away can get but when you are looking to move house, the less stuff you take, the easier it will be. And do you really need that pasta shell jewellery box you made as a kid?

Decluttering should start the second you decide that you are going to move. Not only will the process make your move a lot easier when it comes around but it will also make your house much more welcoming to prospective buyers. When people view properties, they don’t want to see what your lifestyle is like, they want to imagine themselves in the space and see a brighter future.

It is actually possible to declutter your whole house in a single day so if you know you have a viewer coming, don’t despair. But if the art of the scurryfunge* isn’t your style, you should probably give yourself a day per room so you don’t exhaust yourself. Take a few minutes to stand in the middle of your room and picture how you want it to look. Then, without further ado, dive in and start sorting your things into neat piles: chuck, keep, donate.

Though moving might be your intention, you would be surprised at how well decluttering works to make you fall in love with your home again. When you’ve got your house back on track, you might actually decide that a move is an unnecessary distraction.

Pack According to Priority

If the move is still on after your declutter, you need to make sure that everything gets backed safely and in a sensible way. This sounds great in theory but, let’s be honest, being this organized is actually a feat of genius, a theory confirmed by this article offering 50 packing tips! 50!

It turns out that you really only need a few sensible tips to get your packing down.

Packing by room is a good idea but instead of packing by the room you are in, you should pack stuff according to the room it is going to. This is easy for rooms like the kitchen because it’s unlikely that kitchen stuff could end up anywhere else. The living room and office might be a bit more complicated but don’t worry - it’s not the end of the world if you change your mind later!

Another really good tip is to write a list of everything that goes into each box. This is quite a laborious process but stick with it. When you are desperately searching for a random article feeling stressed and hassled after a long day, it’s much easier to read a list than it is to open every box.

The last tip you should definitely take on board is probably the simplest: have a priority box. This box should contain the things you will want as soon as you arrive. For example, if you have kids, you should probably put a couple of toys in this box to keep them occupied while you attempt to reorganise your whole life into a new space. Snacks, tea bags and cups are also worth putting in this box. Indeed, you may find that each room deserves a priority box.

Use Storage to Give Yourself More Time

When moving house is looming close and you just can’t find the time to deal with everything you have on your agenda, there is absolutely no shame in hiring out some storage, putting things in and dealing with them later. Storage solutions are the home movers dream. They are safe and secure and allow you the luxury of time when it is running short.

Putting some of your possessions into self-storage is the best way to give yourself more time on moving day too. When you are trying to get everything out of the van in a set time period to avoid having to pay extra, it can get stressful and fast. By using a self-storage unit, you can make sure that you’ve got all your essentials in first and then add in your other stuff later.

Though self-storage can seem like an expensive option, it is worth doing sooner rather than later. Moving some of your more personal items into storage while you are selling your house is a good way to de-clutter without having to bin the stuff you hold dear. Many self-storage units are held at a particular temperature too so you don’t need to worry about your things overheating or getting damaged.

Clearing your home before a move is a long drawn out process but if you give yourself time and approach the challenge methodically, it shouldn’t be too painful. Take a few weekends to sort everything out and make sure that you get your whole family involved. This is not a one person task and even if you have to buy everyone pizza, it’s worth getting the help you need!

*Scurryfunge is one of the best words in the world. It’s an Old English word which means to rush around manically trying to tidy up before company arrives - something we can all admit to doing, especially when it’s your parents!