Creating A More Environmentally Friendly Garden

We all assume that our gardens are as environmentally conscious as possible when actually that isn’t the case. The fact is that for a number of reasons, our gardens can actually be extremely bad for the environment, which is why making changes and creating a more earth-conscious space is so important. The question is, of course, what does it take to create this kind of space?

The positive news is that turning your garden into a more eco-friendly space is far easier than you would think, it’s usually just a case of implementing a few simple changes. Wondering what these changes are - read on for everything that you should know about making your garden more environmentally conscious.

Allow native plants to grow

Did you know that one of the very best ways to help support local ecosystems is to allow native plants to grow in your garden? The more native plants you allow to grow in your garden, the more your outdoor space will support the local ecosystem. Native plants and flowers are usually easier to grow and care for than non-native species, and also tend to attract more butterflies and bees. Plus, they also tend to be more resistant to native pests. To find out what plants are native to where you live, there are plenty of online resources that you can take advantage of. You can also order various seed types online and get them sent directly to your home within just a few days.

Be smart about how you care for your plants

When it comes to creating an environmentally friendly garden, it’s essential that you are smart about how you care for the plants living within your outdoor space. It’s important to look for eco-friendly alternatives to plant and flower care, from the fertiliser that you use to the pest control that you implement. It’s also important to think about the plant care systems that you have in place, for instance, implementing a hydroponic system from The Hippie House could be a step worth taking, as it would help to make your garden that little bit more eco-friendly.

Make homes for wildlife

A great way to create a more eco-friendly outdoor space is to create homes for wildlife within your garden. Many species of wildlife, from bugs and bees to hedgehogs, struggle to find suitable homes, which is why creating homes in your garden for them, can be a fantastic step to take. Incorporating some shelters into your garden that you have created can really help to give local wildlife a home, and should ensure that your backyard is teaming with local wildlife. Believe it or not, building a bee hotel or a hedgehog hide is actually far simpler and easier than you would think. However, if you don’t feel equipped to build these yourself, you can always opt to buy them instead.

There you have it, everything that you need to know about creating a more environmentally friendly garden that welcomes local wildlife into its safe haven.