Creating Your Family Room With Play Area


Do you have a designated family room in your home? Quite often, our living room is the focus for family togetherness, but you might have another room in your home that is fit for purpose, giving you the opportunity to create something that is functional for everybody to use. This then frees up the living room for other purposes, be it entertaining guests, or a space for you to have some downtime alone while your children are having fun in the family room you have created.

If you don't have space for a family room, the ideas here can still be incorporated into your living room or another room of the house. But if you do have an extra room that you haven't utilised fully, then consider creating that space your family can enjoy.

Consider the following home decor ideas.

Create an area to play Children love to play, and most adults do too, so design one area of the room with play in mind.

If the room is big enough, have one area in the room that is designated for play. Your children will need the space to let their imagination run riot, so don't over-clutter this space with furniture and other decor, as this will both give your children the freedom to play impeded, and will give you peace of mind knowing that your children won't hurt themselves or damage your furniture.

When it comes to your children's toys and games, ensure you have plenty of storage. Add extra cupboards and toy trunks, so you are able to tidy everything up neatly after play has completed. A tidy house is a tidy mind, after all!

Create a social space

This is the place for your family to be together, so design it with bonding in mind.

You might want to bring sofas and chairs in close, perhaps with a table in the middle for card and board games. When choosing sofas, however, opt for something durable, because as we all know, children and furniture don't always mix, especially when they have drinks in hand. Consider these offerings from John Lewis, as they are both attractive and child-friendly.

If you don't have a designated dining room, you might want to add a dining table and chairs, examples of which can be seen at Oak Furniture UK. While dining furniture can be fit for purpose, perfect for family bonding while you're eating together, this extra table can also be used for board games, jigsaws, family craft projects, and the like.

Create an area that is media-friendly, with space for a television, video game console, and your DVD collections. This can be used for family movie nights, and competitive video game sessions, so consider adding a comfortable sofa, bean bags, and gaming chairs into the mix, depending on the space you have. Add extra shelving for your games and movies, and add storage for your remote controls and video game paraphernalia.


Choose bright and fun colours when choosing furniture and wall decor, as this will add visual appeal to this family-oriented room. And when thinking about wall decor, add artwork your children have created, as well as photographs of each member of the family.

And finally, take a look at the decorating ideas on this website. Whether you add them into your living room design or create that additional room for your family's needs, you can get a visual sense of how to design a room with your family in mind.