Did someone say streamlined decor?

You’re the kind of person who likes to streamline as many aspects of your life as possible.

Streamlining your work life, for example, ensures you can take back control of your life whenever it threatens to get out of hand. This way, you’re able to manage your tasks and strip back your workload wherever possible. You’re also in the habit of streamlining your personal life. All the better for keeping friendships strong and straightforward. When it comes to your home, though, your streamlining prowess lets you down a little. No matter how hard you try, you can’t quite get your decor in line. In fact, this is the most unruly area of your life by far. And, it’s starting to cause you no end of stress. Everything in your life is so well under control; you don’t understand why this one area keeps getting away with you. The first thing to remember is that the majority of us find home decor to be pretty unruly. It’s normal for one room to do its own thing while you’re tackling another. You only have two hands, after all, and you can’t keep an eye on everything at once. So, does that mean you’re doomed to live among decor which doesn’t suit your life? We don’t think so. In reality, it’s possible that you’re merely thinking too big about this streamlining process. Getting on top of decor in this way couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is stop trying to tackle whole rooms at once. Instead, keep the following pointers in mind, and apply them to all your rooms as you go. Before you know, your home decor could be as smooth as everything else in your life.

Free up floor space

The first part of any streamlining process is to free up space/time. You probably streamline your work days by planning a strict timeline for each project. This then frees you up from distraction and ensures you do the best job possible. But, how exactly can you free up your decor? By clearing floor space, of course. Having clutter all over your floors is sure to stress you out if you like things in order. And, it’s an easy enough issue to sort. All you need to do is get your thinking cap on. It may be, for example, that your furniture is taking up too much room. Think about ways you can tackle that issue. Moving sofas to the outsides of your living room could go a long way here. Equally, you might want to get rid of extra cabinets and coffee tables. You may even find that replacing your free-standing fire with a built in option like those you’ll find if you go here could do the trick. As much as you love them, you might also want to think about getting rid of those rugs, or putting them elsewhere for now. You could even benefit from going curtain-free or replacing bulky options with sleek blinds which are easy to tuck away. It’s a small step, but it can have more of an impact than you might think. Try methods like these in one room and see how much difference they make. The chances are that everything will look a whole lot neater. Or, dare we say, streamlined?

Have a clear out

It’s a simple point, but it packs a whole load of punch. Having a clear out can work wonders for the streamlining process. It may mean parting with some of the stuff you love, but it’s a step worth taking if you want to get on top here. Of course, you aren’t going for a minimalist look as such, so you needn’t get rid of every last ornament you own. But, taking a critical eye to some old favourites might still help you a great deal. You’re just never going to achieve the streamlined look with walls full of ornaments which you don’t need. Think about the ways you streamline your social life. You only hold onto the friends who are best for you. All the others, you probably let slip away or see rarely. Apply that same attitude to your little decor extras. Or, as Marie Kondo says, get rid of anything which doesn’t bring you joy. As simple as that, you could find yourself a great deal closer to your decor dreams. If it helps to make this whole process easier, why not sell this stuff online or to friends? Then, you can put the income right back into your home.

Get clever with storage everywhere

You could get rid of every unjoyful item in your home, and you would still need at least some level of storage. The trouble is that hefty units are sure to cover up that floor space you worked so hard to clear. So, what can you do? Get smart about storage, of course. You’re lucky in that you’re streamlining in the age of minimalist decor. Subtle and sleek storage solutions are waiting near enough everywhere you look. And, the majority of them could serve your needs here. On an apparent level, hidden storage is always a benefit. A bed with drawers underneath, for instance, can work wonders for your bedroom decor. Equally, built in storage solutions are always going to come up trumps when it comes to keeping things under control. Failing that, note that taking storage solutions up high could serve you well. Floating shelves are big business here, too. They provide a chic finish which is sure to serve your streamlined needs, no matter what you put on them. Think, also, about getting clever with colour here. Painting built-in storage the same colour as the rest of your room can work wonders. Even using shelving units which are the same colours as your walls is sure to help keep everything in check. Remember, too, that your focus here is on streamlining. Don’t take care of storage in the worst offending rooms and think your job is done. You need to tackle this issue in every single room of your house to make sure that the image is complete. You can’t exactly call the place streamlined if you have rooms which still suffer from scruffy storage, can you?

Keep decor flowing throughout

In many ways, streamlining your decor means bringing your home together on the whole. If each room has different decor or styles, then there’s no way you can bring them together into a coherent decor choice. To get on top of streamlining, then, think about styles you can keep flowing through your entire house. We aren’t saying that you need to decorate every room the same. That would be pretty uninspiring. But, it’s worth sticking to general themes, or even keeping one colour scheme going through every room. This can add a real sense of flow to your home and can streamline the whole place very efficiently. Take a step back, then, and look at your decor as it stands. With a bit of luck, you’ll already come to see that specific themes flow from one room to another. Recognise what these are, and then work to implement them throughout. More often than not, our colour palettes are the things which keep flowing. By investing in simple things like cushions and furniture to highlight this, you can streamline a great deal. You may find that a simple style choice such as a wooden floor is the main similarity. Make the most of this by incorporating more natural materials in each room to keep that flow going. Either way, bringing things together is surely your way forward.

Use clean lines

It’s also worth turning your attention to your furniture itself. This is, after all, the main feature in any room. If you have rounded or busy patterns, there’s no way you can keep that clean, streamlined appearance going. Instead, clean lines sure to serve you better. Square sofas and tables (if you still have them) could be your best bet here. You could even try to keep those lines moving in the same direction throughout your home. Again, this can work wonders for that flow we spoke about above. Clean lines can also make any room look sleek and, you guessed it, streamlined.


In many ways, you’re sure to find that getting streamlined is a case of trial and error. Isn’t that true of anything in the home? It’s pretty likely that you’ll need to try out a few things here before settling on the ideal solution. You may even find that compromising on some of the above points is the only way to a home that you love. Eventually, trying these things is sure to lead to the streamlined space you’ve been dreaming of. As soon as you manage that, you’re sure to start feeling more relaxed when you walk into your home. You may even find that you can sit down in the evening and feel the relaxation you’ve always hoped for here.