DIY Luxury Decor: Painting Glass Bottles With Acrylic Paint

With me having moved into a new place, I have been busy decorating it up. A few weeks back I showed you how I made cheap wall decors, this week I thought I give my Reeves acrylic paint in copper a go. I used some of the leftover bottles we had accumulated over the weekend (since it's sunny, there's absolutely no reason to refuse a good glass of bubbly).

Safe to say I was absolutely stunned with how nice the paint came out. Not only was it a great coverage, the colour was stunning! And they're only £3.49 on Amazon as well!

This DIY decor is the perfect project for this summer, and you can luxify your room with barely any costs.

These copper bottles are perfect for an empty corner in the room it adds volume and richness without being overly empowering. These are also great because of the natural state of glass, the acrylic paint not only stays on perfectly, the texture of glass makes it denser rather than flimsy.

Give it a go now, it literally only took me around 45 - 60 mins! 


So here's what you need:

1 x Glass Bottle of any size or shape (or more depending how many you have)

1 x Reeves Copper Acrylic Paint

1 x Reeves Acrylic Paint brush

1 x Tweed/ String

1 x Superglue

Step 1: Find your leftover glass bottles (any size, any shape!)

To get ready for a lovely easy arts and crafts session, you need to find a few of your leftover bottles. I prefer bottles of varying sizes in order to give it a bit of texture and layering when arranging them.

Step 2: Remove stickers and labels from the bottle

To make sure the coat of paint goes on as smooth as possible, it is best to remove all the stickers. Leaving it on will be fine, however I prefer having a fully smooth surface.

Some labels can be more stubborn than others to remove. If you've not got anything strong like vinegar, you could leave the bottle to soak in hot water mixed with a bit of soap for 5-10 mins (keep adding hot water to maintain the hot temperature) and allow it to melt a bit. The sticker should peel off easily, if there are any remaining residue, just give it a good scrub.   

Step 3: Start painting the bottle

I chose the biggest paintbrush available from the Reeves acrylic paintbrush set, it doesn't really matter however the bigger the brush, the quicker you cover the bottle.

I found it easier when I painted a thick coat onto the bottle. If you would like a smooth, clean look, paint your strokes from top to bottom in one go. For a more rustic vibe, do short strokes all over the bottle until the paint covers everywhere.

Step 4: Paint the awkward spots

There will be some spots that are slightly hard to reach, particularly the top nozzle, and the bottom. One tip to make it easier is to put your finger in from the mouth and rotating as you go. You might get some paint on your hands, but that's okay.

Step 5: Leave to dry

Once you are happy with how the bottle is looking leave it out to dry. On the day I did this little project, it was sunny and dry so it only take 30-40 minutes to dry completely.

Step 6: Decorate the bottle with some string!

The good thing about copper decorations is the vintage vibe it gives. While the bottles are stunning as they are without any addition you can decorate it up with a strings. You can wrap these strings anywhere on the bottle. Common places may be the neck of the bottle or even the body of the bottle.

I used superglue for this for this and only applied glue where the string starts and ends. This way it does not appear rigid and unnatural.

Step 7: Place it in an eye-catching spot and let the compliments roll in

Once you're done, there's only one last thing for you to do! Show it off. If you feel like you want a bigger cluster just find a few more bottles or any other objects, like a jar or a can and make a stunning centrepiece. Get ready to #ShowYourColours this summer!

Lots of Love,