DIY Pillowcase Laundry Bag

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One thing that I have missed most about being a student is having all the time in the world to do my crafts. DIY is my way of unwinding and is highly therapeutic for any stressful times. Recently, I have been doing a big redecoration of my bedroom and as a result, a lot of things in my room require throwing out. While most of my clothes went to charity shops, I was left with a few random bits and bobs. One of which is this pillowcase! I was wondering what I can do with an old pillowcase, after some research I thought it would make the perfect laundry basket.

DIY Laundry Bag

This laundry bag is one of the more practical crafts I have done in a while. All you need are 3 to 4 things and you are able to make yourself a laundry bag that not only saves floor space, it can come in any color of your choice. All for a total of less than £3.

This DIY pillowcase laundry bag not only helps reduce waste, it also reduces space as it can be hung behind doors

Read below on how you can make your own today!

Materials you need:

1 x Pillowcase of your choice

1 x 30cm diameter Embroidery Hoop* (I bought mine from John Lewis)

1 x Strip of ribbon


1 x Paint and paintbrush to decorate your embroidery hoop

*This is (I think) the largest size of an embroidery hoop you can get anyway, but try to get one of 30cm diameter. An embroidery hoop any larger than this might be hard to stretch and cover the whole hoop.

Step By Step Guide To Making Your DIY pillowcase laundry bag:

Step 1 - Prepare all your materials

As listed above, there isn't actually that much needed to create your DIY pillowcase laundry bag. All I've really needed is an embroidery hoop, an old pillowcase of my choice, ribbon and blue paint. The blue paint's really just to make the embroidery hoop look a bit different!

Step 2 - Start by painting or decorating your embroidery hoop

I've chosen to paint my embroidery hoop with my Reeves acrylic paint in the shade that matches my pillow case best, but there are other ways you can decorate it, like wrapping the outer hoop with coloured yarn.

Technically you only need to paint the outer hoop, as the inner embroidery hoop is completely concealed.

Step 3 - Wrap the pillowcase along the inner hoop

Now, this is when you will notice that the pillowcase isn't elastic so it might require a bit of stretching for the whole pillow case to cover the inner hoop.

For the pillow case to be extra secure, I would suggest tucking the edge in. You might need a bit of fabric glue to hold it together, but this bit isn't absolutely necessary.

Step 4 - Tighten the embroidery hoop

Tighten the embroidery hoop so it's nice and secure, and you are pretty much ready!

Step 5 - Loop a piece of ribbon on the end so you can hang it!

This pillowcase laundry bag is better if you hang it up as it is too floppy to stand up on its own. This is why you'll need a ribbon to go through the screw bit.

And that is how you tie a mediocre ribbon.

Step 6 - Hang it on the door and start doing some floor space saving laundry

This even works as a great basketball practice...

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