Early Things To Consider For An Artisan Boutique Bakery

With shows like The Great British Bake Off, baking has been given a new lease of life in mainstream culture. Thankfully, it's playing a large role in the modern food and beverage industry. With modern preservatives and better ways of transporting food of all kinds, starting a bakery business that delivers is easier than ever. An artisan boutique bakery is a niche that is one of the most attractive business types in the modern world. Who doesn’t like food? Who doesn’t like cake? Who doesn’t like coming into a bakery and ordering custom biscuits, cakes, pastries and chilled desserts? It's a niche but it's a very popular kind of business. So unlike other niches, you will never be in fear of not having enough customers. So who do you begin your journey?

Know your style

What kind of artisan bakery do you intend to be? Will you be specializing in some kind of cuisine? The three top baking cuisines in the world all come from Europe. Italy, France and the UK are head and shoulders above other cuisines when it comes to making delicious bakery treats. Maybe you wouldn’t like to pick one over the other, so you just want a smorgasbord of different styles. That’s fine, but that will be more difficult regarding making your niche seem attractive. A do-all bakery sounds good on paper, but we’re seeing a cultural shift whereby customers really want to explore cuisines. So picking one definitive style of the bakery is in your best interest.

How will you stand out?

Modern bakeries are finally hopping on the trend of home delivery. You can get just about any kind of product in the world, delivered to your door, so why not cakes? You’ll need a small Trader Van whereby you can safely transport multiple products to multiple customers in your city. Check out the Ford Transit Custom, a smaller variant of the full-size Transit. It's easy to drive, doesn’t drink a lot of petrol and doesn’t require you to take a specific van driving license test. With 104bhp, it's got more than enough power to get you to where you need to go. If you have more than two employees, one of you could deliver and the other could stay behind and work on new orders while also running the shop.

Looking for space

Where should your boutique artisan bakery be situated? It depends on what kind of city or town you wish to work in. In London, you can afford to be off on some side street just because of the sheer number of people around. But in a village or smaller town, you really should seek to be placed in the high street where most people will be flocking to. Consider the access to your retail shop and the kind of neighbourhood you’re in. it's in your benefit to think about the future and research to find if any future building plans will be conducted in the area by the local authority. You don’t want to set up in a declining area that on the surface, looks fine.

Setting up a bakery of any kind is a great business move. Nobody ever gets tired of more food shops in their city or town. But it's not without risk, so carefully plan what kind of products and service you’ll provide.