Eight Ways to Personalise the Decor in Your Home

Home decor can often be seen as a reflection of your own personality. For instance, people that like to keep things orderly will typically go with a minimalistic and clean decor arrangement, while others that love to stick with tradition might have plenty of antiques around their home. However, despite what kind of decor style you go for, there’s always a chance to add a bit more personality to your home so that it can really feel homely to you.

In this post, we’re going to talk about eight different ways to personalise your home so that it feels more “you”.

Make better use of your shelves

Shelves should be packed with useful, meaningful and nostalgic things. Be it figurines that you used to collect, magazines you love or even sorting books into read and unread piles, you can make great use of your shelves.

Add unique appliances that are meaningful to you

It’s a good idea to add a couple of appliances that are meaningful or useful to your life. For example, if you love watching movies then you could consider a large TV or even a projector and a screen to your living room. If you’re an avid chef, then you can fill your kitchen with unique gadgets to help you make special meals.

Look for funky ways to improve comfort

Consider unique ways to add more comfort to your rooms. For instance, you could try Ultimate Wood Heaters to heat a living room instead of using your central heating, or place bean bag chairs in your bedroom instead of a regular chair.

Don’t leave walls bare

Walls should always have something on them. Be it posters of your favourite shows, photographs of your family or even old awards and certificates that you’re proud.

Use your ceilings for something

Ceilings tend to be quite empty, but they’re great places for a touch of personalisation. You can change your lighting fixtures into something more interesting or you could hang plants that you’ve been growing in your backyard.

Add a rug to your floor

Rugs can be a fantastic way to add a bit of colour and some patterns to your home. They’re soft to the touch, they’re fantastic for floor seating and you’ll be surprised at how many different designs there are.

Take advantage of your personal interests and history

Your personal interests and history can always be added to the decor of your rooms. You could display travel memorabilia on your shelves, hang pictures of your favourite celebrities or even create special corners dedicated to arts and craft hobbies.

Add a splash of colour

Lastly, colours are a great way to express yourself in your decor. Some people love natural tranquil colours like brown, green and white, while others love bold statements that come from bright reds, blues and greens. It’s a good idea to learn a bit of colour theory before you decide to paint your rooms, but if you want a simpler way to add colour, consider rugs, paintings or potted plants.