Finding The Perfect Evening Routine For Adults

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I'd like to think of myself as a mature, self disciplined adult. Now that I am working and have my own place, I get full control over what happens to my days AND evenings. During the day, I am usually quite occupied with my 9 to 5 job. However, without a night routine, I often end up wasting the evenings away doing nothing other than lying in bed watching TV when it can be so much more productive and effective.

A night routine is crucial for working adults especially since it is the perfect time for stress management. Here are some suggestions for an evening routine for adults. These are some of the things that I have been incorporating to my night routine, these have helped me unwind and get ready for bed time.

  1. Night Routine Step 1 of 4: Plan and Prepare

  2. The first step to your night routine should be preparing and planning for the next day. It is a great method to manage stress as it allows your mind to get all the thinking about tomorrow out of the way.

  3. There are a few things you can plan and prepare:

  4. To-Do List: Although it is a night routine it is never too early to think about the things that you need to do tomorrow. Are there any important deadlines you need to remember for work? Are there any errands you need to run, or bills you need to pay? These allows you stay on top of everything and spend your days as productive as possible.

  5. Meal Plan: On a daily basis, I stress about what am I going to eat for lunch and dinner. Planning my meals as part of my night routine will allow me to be able to cook effectively in the morning, and leave anything out to defrost for the evening.

  6. Shopping List: I love planning shopping lists as it means I get to go for a stroll in town the next day after work. Think about whether there is anything that you might need to get before the shops close tomorrow?

  7. Events and Gatherings - I often have some kind of thing going on after work, whether its dance, bouldering or a bloggers session, I think about the journey to and from and if there is anything i need to prepare.

  8. Packing Your Bags - Lastly, once all the writing part of planning is complete, I get to the preparation part of my evening routine. I pack my bags ready for tomorrow morning!

Night Routine Step 2: Physical Cleanse

Once the first step of planning and preparing is done, I do the first cleanse of the evening. The physical cleanse. This part of the night routine allows you to feel fresh and relaxed for bedtime.

  1. Shower - I know some people prefer showering in the morning, however as part of my night routine I do enjoy a proper cleanse by having a nice hot shower (avoiding my eczema regions on my face of course). It gets my muscles relaxed and the feeling of being clean before getting into bed is just lovely!

  2. Facial Treatment - The skin on my face requires a lot of attention due to the dryness and the eczema regions therefore I spend about 10-20 minutes of my night routine giving my skin the cleansing and rehydration it needs for the night. A good skin foundation goes a long way too!

  3. Body Pampering (Occasional aka when I feel like it) - Once I have treated my face, I move onto pampering body. This can be from moisturising tired areas to giving myself a mini massage by rolling the knots out in my shoulder with a tennis ball - or if you have a partner, ask them for a free massage instead ;)

Night Routine Step 3: Emotional Cleanse (Choose One of Two)

  1. The third step of the night routine is one that I find very therapeutic to do, an emotional cleanse where you either let out all of your 'emotional waste' for the day or celebrate the achievements or the good moments you have done. Sometimes running through your day will allow you to reflect on crucial moments. I find it particularly useful as a stress management method on an anxious day.

  2. Meditation - This is something I've only recently started doing. I always thought meditating meant finding peace, and the idea of it felt rather illusive to me and therefore never came across my mind for me to practice meditation. Recently I discovered that the point of meditation is, in fact, an act to allow yourself to feel in control of your thoughts. Once you are in control of your thoughts, you will eventually reach the result, which is feeling PEACEFUL.

  3. Writing a Diary - Writing a diary is something I've done since I was in year 7, and it has always been a part of my night routine. I decided to carry on doing it as part of my evening routines as I not only find it the perfect place to commemorate anything that happened in the day, for when I read back in the future I can relive the moment again. The diary is also a judgement free zone for myself to unleash any negative feelings of the day. This is so important before you go to bed, because once it has been let out, your mind is more likely to be in a good mood for sleep.

Night Routine Step 4: Mental Cleanse (Choose One of Four)

Now you might think step 3 and 4 of the evening routine for 'adults' sounds quite similar. An emotional cleanse, as mentioned previously is a stress management method, it allows you to unload your emotional baggage of the day. Once you have unloaded all that weight off your shoulders, it's time to switch off. This is when you choose an activity that requires zero thinking.

  1. Simple Crafts/ Colouring - I LOVE having time to do crafts and a bit of colouring on evenings that are less hectic. Some simple crafts can be found on my blog, they only take a short amount of time and can allow your brain to focus on this one thing shutting all thoughts out.

  2. Reading - Reading is something that keep your brain occupied, whether it is non-fiction or fiction, it gives your thoughts something to focus on. Reading is also great for making you feel fully relaxed. Feel those eyelids drop after 30 minutes of reading under some dimmed light and a nice candle to accompany you.

  3. Watching TV - Last but not least, on a particularly exhausting day, I like turning to television shows. You just need a few episodes of lighthearted sit-com on your television and you are all relaxed and ready for bed!

This is pretty much my recipe for an evening routine for adults that focuses on self care and stress management. Write a comment below if you have an evening routine yourself or if you have tried this routine, how has it helped or made you feel.