Fixing Your Squeaky Door

Doors play a big part in our homes. They give us privacy in each room, they muffle sounds like music and typing on a keyboard so they can’t be heard throughout the home. They also help to regulate temperatures in the home also as someone might want to have their room stay cool while someone who could be ill wants a little more heat. Thus you can turn up the radiators in your room without flooding the rest of the room with warmth thanks to the door.

Doors are also protective, they shield us from any potential harm such as from animals or perhaps someone breaking in. Seeming like a very basic thing in our homes, they actually perform lots of tasks for us. However, due to wear and tear, doors can easily become annoying. They can squeak, groan and rattle. Sometimes the creaking can be so loud that when you try to shut your door late at night after going to the toilet, it can wake people up. Here are ways you can fix a noisy door.

Tighten up and lube

There are a few moving parts on a door, and wherever there are moving parts there is the potential of wear and tear on the mechanism. It could be the door handle, the hinges that fit the door to the frame, or it could be the lock itself. Most of the time however, the hinges are the first to end up making noise and squeaking. There are a few things you should do if you have located the sound to this area. First, off you should clean the hinges with lukewarm water to wipe away any tiny pieces of metal that have accumulated from wear and tear. Then you should tighten the screws to have the mechanism fit closer together and support itself. Spray it next, with some lubricant designed for metals such as WD40. It's great to grease the hinges too.

Battering from wind

One of the most annoying things about a noisy door is that it can’t be fixed at home by yourself. If the door is rattling due to the wind from an open window, this means that it isn’t sitting right in the locking mechanism. Do not try to fit anything in the lock to try and tighten it as this can result in jamming the door completely. Instead you have to call out a 24/7 Locksmiths who can change the locks that very same day. Choose someone with experience such as having over a decade’s worth of experience. They can also repair it if you would rather not go through with changing the locks entirely. The locksmith might also give you some advice on how to care for your lock in the future so the door can remain tightly fitted to the frame. Greasing the lock again is a great idea, it just helps the moving parts to have less friction.

Doors are used extensively throughout the home. Such a large and heavy piece of wood and metal is bound to be subjected to daily wear and tear. When it gets passed the point of being bearable, use these techniques to silence the door.