Font Personalities: Part I of V - Understanding Font Styles

Now that I have taken on this interest in helping small businesses and personal brands develop their brand image and personality, I have not only learnt some tips that I think might be interesting to share. While there are various elements to branding, I thought I'd start off with fonts. My time at an extremely creative creative agency, Thirty 30 Creative, taught me that fonts present their own personality simply from their unique shapes.

There are over hundreds and thousands of FREE fonts out there and you can easily end up falling down a rabbit hole frantically trying to find a font that might fit your brand. I always advise my clients to look at the major font families first, these are major categories that generalise a particular feature of the font. There's even science behind how certain fonts can trigger particular emotions.

I've kept my choices of font family quite different and unique as shown below. I have listed four font families that I feel are the most obvious, these are also the ones I recommend to my clients the most.

These font families cover different vibes whether you want your business or brand to appear funky and lively or professional and formal.

What are the four main font styles?

These are my personal picks:

Font Style No.1 - Serif

You simply cannot begin talking about fonts without addressing the predecessor of all fonts - Serif fonts. Just before we dive into what the style itself can add to your brand, here's a quick history lesson. Serif fonts originate all the back to ancient Rome, you can find a version of the serif fonts inscribed into stone. Fast forwarding to present day, we continue to use this font for its unique shape and style.

This font style differs from all the other styles because it has the little decorative parts to the end of each character, these little pieces are known as Serifs. Brands who choose to use Serif fonts often want to present the brand as sophisticated, cultured and authoritative. Serif fonts are often used in fashion, academic and culture sectors.

Font Style No.2 - Sans Serif

In contrast to its ancient serif counterpart, sans-serif is a modern take on fonts. Due to the modernist movement in the 19th and 20th centuries, there has been a significant development in the advertising industry and in other commercial communications. Brands wanted to embody that change using a typeface that reflected less about the heritage and more about the modernity and functionality.

Sans-serif fonts are, in comparison, more geometric and have smooth, clean lines. When used appropriately, the brand can present a minimalist and modern personality and can communicate values such as innovation and efficiency.

Font Style No. 3 - Script

An alternative to Serif and Serif fonts are script fonts, this is a digital version of cursive fonts and are made to create a friendly, approachable vibe. This is why it is so commonly used for invitations (especially weddings) and thank you notes! High end brands often choose to use script fonts for a comment worthy first impression.

Script fonts are unique in the sense that it is smooth, rounded and flows from one letter to the next. Brands who want to choose a typeface that showcases its creative and artistic element, so if this sounds like your brand, you know which font style you should go for.

Font Style No.4 - Handwritten

With recent developments in technology, it has influenced almost every aspect of our lives, typeface included. Handwritten fonts are a more recent addition to the font family and is one of the more personal and authentic styles. With the help of technology, people are now able to transpose their beautiful handwriting into font files.

Handwritten fonts often come in brush or marker textures which adds a delicate touch to your brand. Brands that choose to incorporate the handwritten element to the brand can anticipate a more homemade and friendly vibe radiating from it.

Choosing the perfect font style for you and your brand

This is a process that I encourage my clients to work on with me in the design process. I love taking on the feedback from my clients and imagining how the brand can develop from there. If you ever need recommendations or help with designing a logo, just drop me an email at:

Make sure you stay posted for the next few posts in font personalities where I share some of my favourite FREE fonts with you!

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