Football Season Is Here: How Can You Make It More Interesting?

The recent return of the Premier League has been met with three differing responses. One was excitement, one was a roll of the eyes, and the other was indifference. Like it or not, the happenings of the football world are sure to dominate conversations, news, and social schedule for the next nine months. If you positively don’t like football, then there’s not much to be said: you’ll just need to put up with it. But if you’re indifferent or have lost some interest, then it might be a good idea to look at some ways to make it more exciting. We take a look at a few ways how below.

Choose Your Team

It is possible to retain an interest in football without rooting for a team, but it is more difficult. You’ll have to find inherent enjoyment in the technical aspects of the game, rather than having a vested interest in your team doing well because it’ll give you some residual sense of achievement. So why not pick a team? The team nearest to you is usually the way to go, but it doesn’t have to be: you can also pick a club that you identify with because of their values or spirit.

Find a Clan

Sure, football might be a bit boring if you’re just sitting at home, watching people kick a ball around. The biggest part of the sport, the thing that sucks people in and keeps them there is the atmosphere. If you’re not immersed in the atmosphere of winning and losing, then you’re missing out on a fundamental aspect of the game. So look at finding a friend group of fellow supporters. You can watch the match in the pub or at the ground with them, exchange opinions, and all-around enjoy the deeper level of football fandom.

Be Invested

Everything’s more exciting when you have something riding on it. For some fans, a football match is more than just some sporting competition: they see themselves, or the pride of their city, in the match. It becomes important. You’ll also be more interested in what’s going on if you’ve got a bet riding on a match; to increase your chances of being successful, look at smart football stats beforehand. However you become invested in the sport, you’ll find that you’re less likely to lose interest when you’ve got a stake riding on the outcome.

Follow the Narrative

If you boil football -- or any sport, for that matter -- down to its most simple aspects, then sure, it won’t sound all that exciting. Twenty-two people kicking a ball, who cares? But that’s not what football is. You’ve got to see the colour to really appreciate what’s happening. Get involved by following the narratives of the clubs and the season as a whole, and you’ll find that the sport is as exciting as just about anything that Hollywood could come up with -- and it’s all real, too.

With these tips, you’ll find that you find the football world a lot more interesting!