Gifts For Brothers From Sisters

I love gifting in general, some people are getting more and more difficult to gift simply because of how many times I have gifted them over the years. To help out with this I always have the habit of gathering a list in mind for each person based on conversations we've had, grasping on subtle hints on what they might like and dislike. The list is handy when it comes to having to buy a gift.

It's not a secret that I absolutely love showering my younger brother with treats and gifts, however now that he's reached the young adult age, I want to give him gifts that are a bit more tasteful but not to the point where I'd be spoiling him (or in other words creating a huge dent in my already rather empty wallet). His birthday just passed and I genuinely think the list of gifts I had in mind for him was pretty decent if I can say so myself. So here is a gift guide if you have a sibling, or in particular a brother, and you are running low on ideas for a gifting occasion - I told him to rate my ideas out of 10:

A Night Sky Poster (Gary's Score - 12/10!!)

This is one of the gifts I did get my brother and cannot stress how much he loved it. I mean, I loved it so much I am on the verge of getting myself one. It is a Night Sky Poster and here's why I am gushing all over it. In the day and age of minimalistic decor, there's not much that guys can get to accessorise their rooms.

The Night Sky Poster comes in a few colours including Black, Midnight Blue, Grey Blue, Caribbean and Pink Velvet. My brother has a modest theme going on in his room so I went for Midnight Blue. On top of that, I was incredible impressed with the matte finish of the poster, making it such a luxurious looking gift.

I went for the Night Sky Poster because it didn't just look nice, it made the gift incredibly meaningful. In particular, I chose his birthday, and the coordinates of the hospital he was born in. Considering how he is the best thing that has happened in my life, I thought he deserved to know - in a stylish way of course. I mean just look at that grin!

On a side note if you are interested in giving a loved one or a close friend (or a cheeky treat to yourself) this special gift, here's your chance to win a free Night Sky Poster on my Instagram!

Bluetooth Headphones (Gary's Score - 9/10!)

Now this is a gift idea that suits any sibling who might like sports. My brother is (well, was) a gym bunny and enjoys listening to music almost 24/7. This gift was high up on my potential gift list as it is a great accessory to allow him to listen to music without having it get tangled to his arm while on the move. This particular gift ranges from cheap to extremely expensive - but while I was on the browse, there are hundreds of options out there for you to choose from. Just make sure you check out features like battery life, whether it has a volume button, a built in microphone and whether it is splash proof!

Stylish Accessories (Gary's Score - 8.5/10)

Gary is pretty stylish on his own, but as his older sister I am still respected whenever suggestions for his wardrobe is made. In particular, I know he was lacking some cool sunglasses. There are regular aviators or retro square sunglasses that everyone suit and love that I could have gotten him - however to give him an slight change in style I chose goggle sunglasses, they're basically bulkier versions of round sunglasses. Just thought it would be a fun accessory to add to his already saturated selection!

A New Shirt (Gary's Score - 6/10)

Speaking of style, according to my brother, a man can never have too many shirts. He loves all sorts of shirts. From patterned, to textured to just a plain shirt, they're everywhere at home. They’re a versatile item of clothing that can be worn to pretty much any occasion. So on that note, I had a browse at John Henric UK, with their current collection on offer it's worth getting your brother a shirt or two and help him style it up. 

Skincare Products (Gary's Score - 6/10)

This might be something that is expected for girls, but in our family we do try and take care of our skin as well as possible. While I have eczema, Gary has oilier skin and is prone to having acne. As a result, he requires specific creams and cleansers to keep his skin nice and fresh. My idea was to choose a selection of different skincare products that he can mix up and try throughout the seasons to find the best balance for his troubled skin. I'll openly admit that I will probably give some of the selections a go too.

My brother and I do keep it simple for birthdays, it's not about the price tag but rather the practicality and the thought you put into the gifts. These are some things that I think Gary would have liked and I clearly chose the best gift out of my list this time.

What are some gifts you give your siblings? Let me know below!