Glass Glam: Using Glass Around Your Home

Glass has been around for a very long time. Over the centuries, people have worked tirelessly to improve this material, and there are loads of different options available for those in the modern world who want to use it in their home. Of course, though, everyone already has windows, and this is an area which you’re probably happy with. Instead, this post will be exploring some of the different uses for glass around your home. Interior design choices aren’t always clear, though glass provides something which few materials can match; you just have to be creative to find good ways to use it.

Decorative Panes

There are a lot of spaces around most homes which could use some glass to spruce them up. Bathrooms are a prime example of this, with many of these spaces using this material already, and plenty of extra nooks and crannies you can use for decorative glass. Patterned glass can be found across the web, and there are loads of options to choose from. Not only will this create barriers around your home, but it will also enable you to gain more privacy, with a lot of the patterns you can find being very opaque. Of course, though, you may need someone to come and fit this for you.

Table Toppers

Keeping tables clean can be a nightmare, and this only gets harder when a rough material has been used to make them. Wood, stone, and even tables made from synthetic materials can all suffer with this, and glass can be a great way to solve this issue. By finding pieces which are big enough to cover the whole table you have in mind, you can cover the surface and stop it from getting too dirty, all while making the piece look better than ever before. You may need to find a company that can cut the pieces for you, though you may also be able to find a pane which fits your table perfectly.


Glass bottles have been used for a very long time, and this is thanks to the fact that they don’t change the taste of the liquids inside. A lot of companies have gone down a decorative route with their glass bottles, though, and this gives you the chance to use them as ornaments around your home. Wine bottles can make great vases, while spirits often come in bottles which are uniquely shaped, offering a lot of character to desk and table spaces. These are one of the cheapest options when you’re trying to add more glass to your home, and a lot of people are using them to change up their style.

Glass Artwork

Along with bottles, there are other ways to use glass as a decoration around your home. Glass artwork comes in loads of shapes and sizes, from small sculptures to much larger stained glass windows. You can find pieces which fall into the category across the web, and sites like Etsy are great for anyone who wants something a little more unique. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get something made in a custom order, though it’s worth doing some research to make sure that you’re getting exactly what you want before you decide to settle. It’s becoming increasingly common for people to decorate with glass artwork.