Health and Safety: Should I order medication online?

As more and more people use the internet to help them overcome and understand issues like anxiety or depression, the natural progression will ultimately lead us to paying for our own medication over the internet instead of relying on a doctor’s prescription. After all, there’s something nice about having your health in your own hands and you’d be surprised at how effective purchasing your own medicine can be. You don’t need to wait for a doctor’s permission, you generally know what the medication does and the recommended dosages, and there’s no guarantee that what your doctor gives is going to be the best option.

Of course, that’s what we hope will happen.

In reality, your doctor knows a lot more about your body than you do. The medication they prescribe has a low chance of failing (assuming they’re a licensed doctor) and it’s unlikely that you’ll suffer any kind of condition as a result of taking whatever medication they’ve given you. But is there a case for buying your own medication over the internet? Is there a reason to, and can you benefit from it in any way?

In this post, we’re going to talk more about buying medication over the internet, how it could help you, and what advantages and disadvantages you should expect if you decide to do it.

Advantages of Buying Medication Online

Buying medication over the internet can be cheaper

If you know what medication you’re buying (such as painkillers or typical over-the-counter stuff) then you can often get things for much cheaper on the internet. Whether it’s buying a type of supplement or medication in bulk, or even just looking for deals for typical medication, you might save a lot of money and time by purchasing it over the internet.

It’s also more convenient for people

If you don’t have a local pharmacy or don’t enjoy visiting it because of the staff or lack of choice in medication, then purchasing online can be far more convenient. You simply just place an order, wait for it to arrive in one or two days, then you get your medication. There’s no need to go anywhere to pick it up and it’s incredibly convenient.

You get access to a lot more choice

Being able to purchase medication online means that you’re not restricted to whatever choices the pharmacy has. So if you’re looking for a relatively unknown brand or a brand that you know works best for you, then you don’t need to search around or visit different pharmacies if you purchase your medication on the internet. It’s a great way to buy a specific type of medication in bulk and you’d be surprised how many alternatives there are.

Online purchases are more discreet

Some people are embarrassed about what they purchase and this is completely fine. A lot of people would rather not stare a member of staff in the eye while buying something that they could be embarrassed about or don’t want others to know about. In this case, buying medication over the internet can be an excellent way to keep your privacy and avoid having to speak with people about it. Some pharmacies do have members of staff that will question you about purchases, so if you’re not in the mood to deal with them, you can simply just purchase your medication online.

Medication from an online store can often be more effective

Some of the medication you have access to on the internet is often not available from a pharmacy. For instance, you can find much more powerful hayfever tablets than what you get in stores and you’ll also find all kinds of supplements and herbal treatments that are far more potent. For instance, if you need an effective morning after pill, then you can look online for brands such as Loveonelle. You can get them sent to you the day after and they are often more potent than what you’ll find in a regular pharmacy.

These are just a couple of the most common advantages of buying your medication online. Now, let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages that you could run into.

Disadvantages of Buying Medication Online

You might get something fake

It’s common to want to buy the cheapest thing on the internet, especially if it has the same name, brand and dosage as what we usually take. However, keep in mind that you should always purchase from a reputable brand because if you don’t, you’re putting yourself at risk of buying into a scam. There are actually a number of websites on the internet that will sell fake products or even get dosages and medication mixed up by accident due to a lack of quality control. To avoid this, always make sure you check what you’re buying and look at the box when it comes to confirm it.

It gives you a little too much choice

In your search for something more potent, you may come across very dangerous medications that are either untested or don’t have proper instructions and dosages. This means that you could end up buying something that is far too strong for your body to handle and this means that you could end up in a hospital or even face fatal consequences. Never buy from an unregistered website and always do your research and look for reviews before you spend your money on medication over the internet.

Self-diagnosis can be dangerous

If you plan to buy medication over the internet as a result of self-diagnosis then you absolutely should stop. Self-diagnosis can be incredibly dangerous because it’s all too easy to trick yourself into thinking you have something like depression or a personality disorder when in reality, the problem is a lot less severe. Self-diagnosis isn’t recommended unless the symptoms are very mild and it’s often best to visit a doctor if you have a serious health concern.

So to conclude, there are many advantages of buying medication over the internet, but it comes with a lot of responsibility and you may want to double-check everything before you decide to put your money (and subsequently your health) on the line.