How to add natural light to a room

You don’t have to go outdoors to enjoy the warm glow of the sun. There are many ways to let natural light into your home, making it a brighter and happier place to live in. Here are just several ways to brighten your room just by letting sunlight into your home.  

Make use of mirrors

Mirrors can help to reflect the sunlight. When placed opposite a window, they can create the illusion of another window. Consider poky spaces in your home where mirrors could come in handy such as the bathroom or bedroom – you can always consider mirrored cabinets and mirrored wardrobes too.

Use reflective surfaces

You could also consider reflective materials that catch the light similar to a mirror. This could include polished stone, laminated wood, chrome steel or gloss paint. Make use of these surfaces rather than dull opaque materials if you want to let in more light.

Paint it white

Brighter colours reflect more light. For helping to brighten up a room, consider painting it white. There are glossy white paints available on the market that designed specifically to be brighter – you could consider these for helping to maximise the impact of natural light in a room.

Remove obstructions

Certain obstructions inside or outside of your window could be stopping the sunlight from getting in. Consider moving any furniture that could be blocking windows and leave your curtains/blinds open in the day. If you don’t want people peeking in, but still want the light to come through, you could even consider a second layer net curtains. As for exterior obstructions, consider trimming any high hedges or plants. Certain obstructions such as trees may require planning permission to remove – even if they are on your property they could offer neighbours privacy or could be on protected land.

Add more windows

A more drastic way to let in more light could be to add extra windows. You may be able to find an empty wall to place a new window or you could consider expanding an existing one so that it lets in more light. You could even consider installing a glass door that provides an entrance whilst also letting in natural light. And of course, there’s always the option of a skylight – by adding a window on the ceiling you could allow sunlight to pour in from above and flood the room. Installing windows is a job best carried out by professionals due to the impact it can have on a building’s structural integrity. It can also be costly, so make sure that you shop around.

Knock down interior walls

Another drastic option for letting more sunlight into your home could be to knock down interior walls. This could allow sunlight to reach the most central parts of your home. Going open plan is now common for downstairs layouts – by turning your kitchen and living room into one flowing space it could make it a more social space as well making it brighter.