How To Be An Eco-friendly Driver

It’s difficult when you’re an environmentally conscious person who still needs to rely on a car. It must seem that avoiding driving altogether is the only way that you can make a significant difference to your carbon footprint. This might not be possible for you, for example if there’s no local public transport you can really rely on, you have to pick up your kids from school or simply you do not have the option to walk as it’s too far and time-consuming. Don’t worry, there are ways that you can drive in a more eco-friendly way, which will work out as much more economical for you as well. So, not only are you doing your bit to save the environment, but you’re also saving money. Gas is a significant cost to all drivers. Here are some simple ways to reduce consumption.

Keep on top of maintenance

Regularly pump your tyres, this significantly reduces gas consumption, so make sure they’re full up. Check your oil often, the more there’s flowing will also reduce damage to the internal mechanism. Your car will use less fuel if it’s in a better condition, so be sure to take good care of it. This means you will also save money in the future on any unnecessary repairs.

No road rage

The most eco-friendly driver is a calm driver, so stop tearing off down the road like a maniac, and don’t let road rage take over. Reduce your speed and avoid stamping on the gas. No last minute braking and swerving, stay in control. Turn off the engine when you have the opportunity, for example when going downhill, and remain in gear. Take your foot off the gas as this stops the flow of fuel to the engine, for example when you’re not moving or stuck in a traffic jam. Aim to stay on a low gear below 1500rpm and when you change gears, skip, for example from third to fifth, as this will be less of a strain on your transmission.

Use your windows

Instead of keeping the air-conditioning on high, open the windows for a cool breeze. In the winter, try to avoid using the heating where possible, much as you would do in your house. Dress for the weather and don’t waste energy on this.

Extra weight

Remove any roof bars and other equipment you don’t need as this will cause you to burn more fuel.

Extra bodies

Encourage car-pooling where possible with all your family, friends and co-workers! Car sharing is fun and very ecological.

Even with electric and hybrid vehicles becoming more and more widespread, they are not yet an option for everyone and there are now many more fuel-efficient gas powered cars on the market. For those of you looking for trustworthy car sales and services try Bearing in mind a few simple tricks in order to use less fuel, you can still therefore do the environment and your wallet a favour.