How To Be Mindful About Money

Money. Everybody needs it to survive in our world, but many find their relationship with money to be super complicated. Some people are loose spenders, not taking the value of money seriously and spending it excessively, leading to debt and other problems. Others tighten the drawstrings of their purse, becoming known as a cheapskate and not ever letting loose or enjoying life to the fullest. So how do we find equilibrium in our relationship with money, and how do we stay mindful about it?

The Emotion Behind Money

Money is emotional - fact. Many people see money as being outside of their emotional life, but actually, the way we handle money is a very emotional thing. Those who become spendthrifts can use money as a means of control, wanting to hoard it and not share it with anyone. Likewise, those who spend all their money without a second thought might be irresponsible people who don’t take things seriously. Learning how your emotions correspond with your finances will help you better be mindful about it in the future.

The Value Of Money

Part of the value of money is not just the money itself, but what you do with it. Having a good relationship to your money and sharing some of it with others is a valuable action in itself. Not only this, but learning how to make money in a way that supports your physical and mental health is an incredibly important skill. Enjoying what you do and making money in an honest way is essential for your wellbeing.

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for life?’ Well, the same can go for money, too. That’s not to say that giving to charities isn’t good - it’s great, and should be encouraged - but teaching others, and learning yourself, how to make money is also beneficial. Giving people the skills and knowledge to earn money and support themselves is truly valuable.

How Do I Learn How To Make Money and Still Be Mindful?

First, research investing. Investing is one of those ‘teach a man to fish’ mechanisms which allows you to strategically invest your money and in return, make more. Playing the system is not always a bad thing - in fact, learning to make money by using the system to your advantage can help you better understand the world we live in. Being mindful about your money will allow you to pay attention to the details of investment strategy, which you are likely to find intriguing and very lucrative. Using well-established trading channels such as Forex Trading will ensure your money is safe and secure at all times.

In addition, being mindful about money is about understanding its value beyond finance. Money can make or break a person’s life; comprehending this fact will automatically make you wiser and more sensible when it comes to earning, not to mention spending, your money.