How to brighten a dark room through decorative changes

There are certain things we know that we need in a home. We want it to be spacious, and comfortable, cosy when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot. They’re the obvious things we need. And then there are the things that we don’t fully realise we need until we’re there, and we feel it’s absence. One such thing that falls into this category is brightness. We can look past the darkness of our home, to begin with, but eventually, it’ll begin to bother us, and may even have a negative impact on our mental health, if we’re not careful. The good news is that it’s unlikely that you’re stuck with a dark home. There are things you can to brighten it up. We take a look at a few options below.

Take the Minimalist Route

A dark and cramped room is going to feel, well, dark and cramped. So why not take steps to get rid of this sensation? If you’ve got an overly cluttered space, then all the light that the room could potentially have may get lost in the shadows and the spaces in between all your material goods. It’s much better, therefore, to take the minimalist route, and keep things spacious. You’ll quickly see that the room feels brighter and more liveable, as the light has more space to explore.

Add More Window Space

The most efficient way to brighten up a dark home is to let more natural light in. Aside from being brighter, it’ll also improve the overall feel of your home: it’s pretty lovely to sit in a sun-kissed room on a sunny morning. At the front of your home, work with an expert to see if you can add a window where there is currently only brick. At the back of your property, you can install patio doors. They’ll let in a lot of natural, and also provide easy access to your back garden.

The Mirror Trick

It won’t always be possible to add more natural light to your home, or rather, you can’t do it for every corner of your home. A narrow, dark hallway in the middle of your house, for example, will be beyond natural light. In these places, look at adding mirrors to either side of the hallway. The light that it does receive will be able to bounce around. It’s a weirdly effective trick that you can implement in an afternoon.

Variety of Lighting

In the evening, you can make a dark and dingy space feel brighter - and also more inviting - by using a variety of lighting options. One large overhead light is ineffective. It’s better to have a range of side lamps, standalone lighting, table lamps, and so on. It might not necessarily be overly bright, but it’ll be a lighting that’s easy on the eyes and spirit.

Light Colours

Finally, remember that light colours are your friend! Soft wall paint, light textile colours, and the like will all prevent a room from feeling dark and claustrophobic.