How to Create a Zen Office Space

There are some people who say that they enjoy the pressure of work, that being stressed helps focus their attention and perform better. However, while there might be something to that, it’s not exactly the recommended route. Stress can cause a whole range of medical problems, and someone who’s working in a stressed environment will burn out much faster than someone who isn’t. As such, it’s better to create an environment that feeds into your sense of calm. Create a zen office space, and you’ll find that you’re better able to handle the stresses and strains of your working day. We’re not saying it’ll all be smooth sailing, but you’ll that the number of days where you want to tear your hair out is severely reduced.

Clean and Organised

There are some things that we deem important, but which have no real effect on us, and there are things that we deem non-important, which do. In the ‘non-important’ column we find having a clean and organised desk space. You might think that there’s a method to your madness, and that everything would be the same even if it were organised, but this is not the case. While the effects may be subtle, that build up of dirt and chaos will have a slow-burning effect on your stress levels.

Remove the Clutter

Of course, the less stuff that you have, the easier it is to keep everything organised. Additionally, the more things we have piled up around us, the more difficult we’ll find it to be our calm, best selves. So why not look at getting rid of the items that are cluttering up your office? While you’ll need to have some of the stuff in your office, you probably don’t need to keep as much as you might expect. A good start is to get rid of all the paper documents you have lying around the office. Use document management software, like that available at, and you’ll be able to make the transition toward a paperless office. It can be surprising just how much of a difference having a clutter-free, minimalist space can have.

Lighting Solutions

You don’t want to walk into your office and get the feeling that you’re walking into some cold, industrial space. How are you going to think big and sink into your working day if it feels like you’re in that kind of environment? If you only have harsh, overly bright overhead lights, then that’s the feeling that’ll be invoked. Instead, go for soft lighting, emitted from a variety of sources. You’ll find that the office is a more enjoyable place to be.

Relaxing Spaces

Finally, keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be all work, work, work. Why not put some relaxing seating, plants, and other fun items in your office? Sometimes all you need to feel refreshed and ready to go again is a quick ten-minute break. Even just knowing that it’s there can be enough to give you a boost.