How to Enter the Digital Marketing Industry

As a fresh grad, finding a job that is well-compensated and within your qualifications is a challenge in and of itself. It seems like every position requires at least a few years of experience, which you do not have, and the only job postings you can apply to are the low-paying ones.

But does that mean you should settle for a job that you don't like? Not at all. When looking for your first digital marketing job as a fresh graduate, here are some tactics to employ:

Perfect your CV

The most crucial step in job hunting is creating the perfect CV, but this is where many fresh graduates take a wrong turn. A lot of new graduates who start applying to jobs often overflow their CV with irrelevant information to make up for the lack of experience. However, instead of impressing an employer, a jam-packed CV is doing the exact opposite.

Your multilingual skills and the piano lessons for kids you took as a child might be relevant elsewhere, but not for the type of industry you're looking for. Stick torelevant information only when filling out your CV. Resist the urge to write vague information and lengthy descriptions to make you look more experienced. It only makes you look like you're overselling yourself.

Instead of writing a CV that is teeming with irrelevant information, here are some pointers for creating a CV that's worth looking at:

  • Keep sentences concise; longer doesnotmean better

  • Don't put irrelevant experience, information, and skills

  • Avoid vague descriptions; be straight to the point

  • Back up skills and experience with proof

  • Keep the job description in mind when writing your CV

  • Proofread your CV again and again

  • Curate your CV depending on the position and company

Get some experience

For some of us, it might not be possible to get an ideal position without doing some nitty-grittywork first. Many digital marketing companies want people who already have some level of experience before they are considered for a position. But how can youget work experience when no one hires you as a fresh graduate?

Consider applying for an internship at a digital marketing company to rack up some professional experience. However, many internships are unpaid, and even then, they are not easy to acquire because of the high competition. If an unpaid internship is not a viable option for you, here are a few alternatives you can try:

  • Become a freelancer

  • Start your own blog or website

  • Guest write for other blogs

  • Manage a friend or family member's business page

  • Apply for temp jobs

Keep learning

A great way to fill out your CV with valuable skills and make you look more attractive to employers is by expanding your knowledge, especially about skills that weren't taught at college. Determine what type of skills that employers are looking for and invest some time in learning those skills, such as SEO, landing page optimization, and Facebook ads, to name a few.

Keep in mind that you don't have to spend a fortune on courses to learn these skills. If your budget is tight, look for online sources that come at little to no cost. Then, find ways on how to apply the skills you've learned by offering your services to websites or clients looking for freelancers.

Curate your social media profiles

LinkedIn is the ideal social media platform to expand your network and look for jobs. For fresh graduates, it's a great tool to find positions available in the niche you're targeting, as well as see where other colleagues areworking.

To make the most out of your LinkedIn account, complete your profile and list down relevant experience and affiliations. Connect with academic and professional people you've met in the course of your short career, as well as digital marketing professionals that you want to link to. Moreover, don't forget to change your title to show that you are looking for a digital marketing position (i.e., Fresh Graduate Looking for Digital Marketing Role).

Do research

Do some digging about the companies you're eyeing. Look at the company's website to get to know them better, but don't stop there. Find out what employees are saying about the company as well. Look at the company's social media accounts to get some insight into their branding and culture. When you show up to the interview with a better understanding of the company, it'll increase your chances of getting hired.

Chances are, you're not going to get the perfect digital marketing job straight out of college. But with these strategies, you can find a job that is reasonably within your sights and will help jump-start your career in the industry.