How To Have Clear Skin: Skin Clinics and Personalised Skin Treatments


How to get clear skin?

Getting clear skin is something that doesn't happen overnight, instead it is a combination of prevention and treatment. It is strongly recommended for you to create a skincare regime that fits your type of skin and habitually follow it in order to maintain the results. However, if you are still not seeing results, you may require a professional to look at your skin for more in depth issues. You can find specialists at skin clinics, like SkinFocus.

What is a skin clinic?

The Asian culture has a strong sense in preserving our skin, my mum is my biggest influence in how to do so. As a result, I have a solid skincare routine that takes at least 20-minutes every morning and night to do, and routine visits to beauticians and spas.

While I have quite the experience with facials, I was very impressed with what Kate and her skin clinic, SkinFocus had to offer. It's new knowledge of my own skin and what treatments are available for my skin type, and consequently how would these methods help me achieve healthier looking skin.

Introducing Kate and SkinFocus

So before I introduce the skin clinic itself, I'd like you to meet Kate. The owner and therapist at SkinFocus - fully trained, fully qualified and fully insured.

I cannot stress how lovely Kate was as a person and her techniques as a skin therapist.

I asked Kate about her story in how she got to where she is now. She used to be a dental nurse with a side business in doing makeup. Although makeup was fun, she realised she spent a lot of time educating her clients with proper skincare, and started developing a passion for the skin itself. From there she started her own skin clinic, SkinFocus, while also training to administer more advanced, medical grade practices.

No word of a lie, hands down the nicest person on earth! Personally, I am in awe of her following her passions and becoming her own boss. So cool.

SkinFocus is a clinic located in Crosby, approximately 20-minutes away from the city centre, at this address:

22 Crosby Road North Liverpool

L22 4QF

The location has an office, a therapy room and a toilet. The skin clinic is by appointment only, so if you are interested in visiting Kate after this post, be sure to contact her on Instagram or on Facebook.

Upon arrival, Kate very kindly offers tea or coffee and takes you into her office for the brief discussion about your skin. SkinFocus offers all sorts of solutions to any skin problems, including hair removal, blemish removal, bespoke facials and other services.

On a personal note, Kate's ethos aligns with what this blog is all about. Taking the time to take care of yourself and making sure you are your best self by educating yourself to be more aware. It is also extremely appreciated that Kate values the balance between sustainability and personal hygiene.

A closer look at my skin: Concerns and Issues

Before starting my skin treatment, Kate sat me down in her (very lovely) office and we talked about my skincare routine, the products I used and what kind of issues I would like to look at. Some of the things that I was more annoyed about were:


I have about 20 of these dotted around my eyes, but there are only a handful that are quite apparent and annoy me quite a lot. I have attempted to get these removed via electrolysis, unfortunately, the process was agonising and didn't remove any of my milia.

Eczematic Skin

Due to my eczematic skin, I sometimes encounter flare ups if my skin I do try to keep my skin products as natural as possible. I do resort to using 'natural' products I use include the following:

- Cleanser: Coconut Oil

- Toner: Rose or Rice Water

Dull/ Dry Skin Tone

I wondered if this was down to my bad habit of forgetting to drinking water, or if it is because of the asian complexion which gives my more of a yellow undertone. My face does feel dry all the time which probably means its dehydrated.

Once you've shared what your major concerns are, Kate then takes a closer look at your skin, gently stretching inch-by-inch and making a mental note of what she can see and consequently how your skin's health is looking.

I thought I knew my skin pretty well, but Kate shared a few remarks regarding my skin that I've never noticed. One was the capillaries in my cheeks, and a badly scabbed over mole/skin growth.

My bespoke skin treatment plan

Kate devised a plan for today that would allow me to get a taste of what SkinFocus is about. I'll dive into what was being done and in the next section, the results.

To help target some of these issues, Kate then devised a personal treatment plan for the session. It was extremely well thought out and I was educated on what each of the things do for my skin.

Cleanse and Exfoliation

To start, Kate used a gentle cleanser on my face to clean any makeup and excess dirt off of my face. She also used an enzyme which works as a mild exfoliation to ensure I have a clean palette.


Microdermabrasion sounds like it is some kind of huge, scary procedure but in fact it is just a non-invasive way of exfoliating your skin. It just feels like having tiny balls running along your skin, removing the top layer. This can improve all sorts of skin problems including sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scaring...etc.

Facial Steamer

Kate also used a steamer that incorporated red and blue light to help my skin with absorption. I believe the heat also opens up the pores for the dirt in my skin to re-surface. Kate incorporated a bit of lavender before this started and make the session even more relaxing.

Milia Removal

Because it didn't quite work last time I tried to sort it out, I didn't have high hopes for how it would turn out. Kate decided to extract my milia which takes more time, but is personally less painful than electrolysis and is much more effective. She used a needle that has a spiralled tip, which latches onto the milia when pierced through the skin, allowing a successful extraction. Although it should have been a painful experience, Kate was very skilful and gentle.

Calming Mask

Last but not least, the calming mask. Kate used this to replenish my skin before sending me home. Since I have eczema, she chose ingredients that would less likely trigger a reaction.

The results

I was all in all delighted with the experience at Kate's and would most definitely visit her again for a routine session to keep my skin at its tip top form. Applying scientific knowledge to skincare makes a lot of sense as to why my skin behaves the way it does. These were some of the results I noticed after the session.


This is a term that Kate introduced to me during the therapy session. She explained how the microdermabrasion process may trigger a breakout, but it's not necessarily a bad thing. In fact it means that the underlying issues under your skin is being overturned and forced onto the surface. I did indeed notice a bit of this where my pores were enlarged and was ready to be removed from my face!

Milia Removal

I expected my skin to be a bit red cab and scab because I am making a tiny entry and extracting the milia afterall. But once that passed, the milia that irritated me most had indeed gone! I still have a few around my eyes that will need fixing, however I will wait till they're slightly bigger.

Calming Mask

My skin felt really nice straight afterwards and was nice and soft for the few days after. The calming mask allowed my skin to not be as red by the time I left. On top of that, I didn't feel any eczema flareups which meant that Kate's choice of products were perfect for my skin.

I strongly recommend Kate for any future skin treatments, and that's not just as a blogger, but as a skincare fanatic and a girl who appreciates the genuineness of Kate and her services.