How To Make Your Home A Smart Home

We must try to never ever lose the physical feeling of our home and the tasks that require our touch to complete. It's important that we constantly touch and feel materials, textures, surfaces and features around the home to remain attached to the house we live in. However, as time progresses and useful technologies for the home become more widely affordable, these values will come to be tested. Making a home into a futuristic dump of all kinds of tech and decor is not really something that will have a lot of soul. It's nice to want to live in the future, but often you’ll find you have to take yourself out of the present to do that. Technology for home is great, but it should be done firstly in practical terms and not just for pleasure. Just because something is made easier, doesn’t mean it should automatically features in your home. It should be about helping you get something done that has maybe one too many steps or awkwardness about it. After these solutions are implemented, you can consider leisurely items.

Shielding from heat

One of the main culprits for a hot home is the kitchen window or rather the kitchen blinds. Sometimes in summer when it gets furiously hot, leaving your curtains drawn is more beneficial than pulling them to the sides. The heat from the sun is allowed in from windows and eventually your floors become hot. The heat is also bouncing off the walls and cause the interior of your house to become just as hot as it is outside. Thus curtains can be drawn in the bedroom, living room, dining area and the lounge.

For the kitchen however, it's not as simple as blinds are used for the kitchen window. Blinds are used to allow heat and steam to escape the room while having the window open. But you can moderate how much heat is lost by shutting or opening the blinds. With electric roller blinds, the provide protection from the heat full stop as they have a total blackout tight fit feature. They’re also remotely controlled making it easier to open and close the blinds as well as bringing them down and rolling them back up. You can set timers on when you want them to open or close and not have to lift a finger. They make life easier and they automate a part of the kitchen that is often overlooked in favor for fittings and fixtures.

A stylish bellow

One day, many of us would like to own a home that has a garage and that reflects our own sense of style and practical design. Garages are something that you should take pride in, it's a piece of extra land that is for housing your vehicle's and also plays the role of another shed. In here you can clean your car out of the rain and cold, and also have some projects of your own such as painting or building something. Whether we want it to be so or not, a garage is also a statement. It's not so common and homes that do have their own are going to be more expensive. Keeping them functional is one thing more modernising the entrance is going to complete the package.

Garage doors are large and heavy and definitely pose a health and safety hazard. You don’t want them to collapse on you or your car when you’re walking underneath or driving into your garage. Modern garage door openers are therefore the only choice in this day and age as they not only are modern in design and style, but they are strong and can withstand the elements. That’s one thing that people with garages forget, is that the moving parts will become wet, frozen and gritty. Technically the garage isn’t the ‘inside’ of a home but rather an extension of the driveway or garden. The modern roller garage doors are great for helping to block out the elements due to their tight design. They’re also controlled via remote control and as you can imagine, makes life so much easier. Just press a button and doors that weigh hundreds of pounds can be lifted with ease.

Power saving in light

One day, ceiling lights will change to the point where you won’t recognize them. It seems odd that one large light should be the main source of light in a room in your home. They don’t cover all the far-reaching spots like the corners and shadows caused by furniture. It's far better then to change the way you live in your home when it comes to evenings and nights. Do you really need the main light on all the time? Smart lamps are a great alternatives to the main lights as they practically better as well as more economical.

Smart lamps use LEDs so they can be even brighter than a traditional bulb making the main ceiling light obsolete if it does happen to be using such a bulb. Smart lamps are easily controlled by voice commands and noises such as clapping. They can change colors at the drop of a hat, setting the mood to whatever you want. Easily changed in brightness they can dim or explode in light at a whim. They are great for lighting up corners where you’re sitting reading a book. If you have multiple lamps in the for corners of a room, you can control them individually if you want making one side of the room a warm vibrant tone and the other a darker more sleep tone. This kind of automation is something that sci-fi films have always featured but now it's a reality. No longer do you have to get up to turn the lights on or change their level of brightness.

Home automation should be done for practical reasons first before you go for style over substance. The kitchen blinds are one such area that definitely needs to be upgraded and controlled by technology to give you the correct balance of light and protection from the sun. garage doors can be stylish but also practical with technology. Protection from the elements sorted, you can have large doors move out of your way in just a few seconds too.