How To Overcome Anxiety Naturally

Anxiety is something that has affected my life in one way or another. In one of my previous posts I've spoken about my social anxiety, while I have overcome some of my more prominent symptoms, there are still signs of it in my daily life. In particular heart palpitations, hypersensitivity (sound and sight) and tenseness are symptoms that I have been trying to find ways to better and improve, but not had much success. 

Anxiety doesn't just affect my life, but others too. If you struggle with anxiety in any way, know that it doesn’t have to overtake your priorities. I want to share with you some of my tips that will help you overcome it.

Regular Exercise

Exercising is a great way to alleviate the signs and symptoms of stress related issues. Many people will agree that the feelings you get when you do take on some from of physical activity can far outweighs the worried and anxious feelings you may have felt to begin with. Exercise not only helps to take your mind off things, but it can also help you to see more clearly when it comes to problems. Allowing you to take a more controlled approach to handling the issues causing you to feel this way.

Diet and Energy Levels

One big problem that we may have on a day to day basis is the food we are eating, and out bad habits causing us to feel worse than we probably need to be. We can all be guilty of reaching for that sugary treat when we feel tired or a little low, and the spike of energy is great at first but often short lived. The truth is, if you can feed your body with the nutrients and vitamins it needs to function, your energy levels will remain more balanced, and therefore, will not allow you to struggle with additional feelings of anxiety and stress when times are tough.


You may want to consider alternative remedies to help when it comes to stress. It might be that you think relaxation could work and the use of essential oils could be a great way to relax your mind, combining it with things such as yoga or meditation. You could also consider herbal options that can purchased from places like HempLiving or supplements like Mindful Matter's products, combining science for health benefits. This will enable you to keep your emotions at bay and control the feelings of anxiety and stress that can be placed upon you.

Controlling Your Mindset

Finally, is now the time to start thinking about your current mindset? Often it is their thoughts you have, the negative language that you use and the actions that you take that can feed the feelings of stress and anxiety. Instead, try and place some focus on your mindset and deplete the negativity by actively being positive. Whether that is changing negative thoughts into something positive, or whether that is changing the way yous peak and the words you use. It may seem forced at first but it could make a big difference to how you feel and act moving forward.

I hope that these tips help you to overcome the feelings of stress.