How To Spend Christmas On A Budget

Christmas is only a few months away; and the time seems to be moving at an incredibly fast rate. When it comes to Christmas, there are always a lot of things to pay for including the food, presents decorations, drinks and everything else for these few days of celebration. Christmas can cost a pretty penny and that is why today we are going to talk about how to fund it.

Use a credit card

The easiest way that you can start paying for christmas right now is to take a credit card out with a company such as The Ascent By Motley Fool and start using this card solely for your festive spends. Only do this if you know that you can afford it, and having a credit card to pay off will help you to control how much you are spending and ensure that you aren’t going too over the top with presents and food.

Start shopping early

It is always best to start shopping for Christmas in the January sales, but of course this won’t be realistic for everyone. If you want to make sure Christmas is easy to pay for you need to start now and pay off a small amount each week until the big day. With your weekly shop buy a bottle of wine, a Christmas pudding, a small stocking filler… these small costs will accumulate but they will be easier to handle because they come in small doses.

Look out for bargains

Always be on the lookout for a good bargain around this time of the year because it can save you a fortune when it comes to buying gifts for the family. For example a good way to save is to use eBay for items and to leave things in your Amazon basket for a while and be notified when they drop in price. Black Friday is always a winner when it comes to a bargain so make sure not to buy any technology until you have gone past this event.

Upcycle and save

If you want to be on a budget this year to save up for a house or anything else, a good way to show that you care is to make something for your family. You can use old mason jars and turn them into festive candle holders or even make a cookie mix in them for your recipient to add egg to and bake for a festive treat. There are lots of festive upcycling ideas online which you can use so have a look and get crafty this weekend.

Be frugal with food

Food is always going to be a big cost for the Christmas season and it always seems difficult to ge that balance right between not enough food and too much, make sure to take your time looking for the best deals on food items and if it is cheaper to make things yourself such as mince pies or bread, make them yourself. You can even ask everyone who comes to your home on the day to bring either a side dish or a dessert to cut your costs down and allow everyone to feel involved in the festivities.