How to wear a statement Maxi Skirt: 1 Skirt, 3 Outfits

One of my 23 goals for while I am 23 is to curate eight outfit looks that I genuinely love and I think we have a first. Since I have always had a rather versatile taste in fashion, I not only end up shopping for clothes excessively, the outfits don't get worn near as often as they can be. I guess that is down to me being in the habit of fast fashion which isn't very sustainable.

I used to purchase clothing with a particular outfit and occasion in mind, once the outfit has been worn, it ends up being at the end of the queue of my never ending list of 'fresh outfits'.

As a rule for these outfits then, I intend to be more conscious when planning to make a purchase and only buy clothing that is versatile for these outfits to help define my style a bit more

Dress It Up (Slightly)

If you are looking for an outfit that spells 'I am now a working adult', you may find this outfit to be quite the fun statement piece. I don't normally wear something this bold to work, but on the days when I feel like I can do with an extra oomph and a bit of a confidence booster, this is what I would go for. The leopard print maxi skirt itself adds a feminine touch to the otherwise vibrant, bold pattern and top. This is perfect for the girl who is on a roll, and feels like there is nothing stopping her from taking greater (but sensible) risks.

WEAR WITH A BLACK TURTLE NECK TOP AND BLACK SOCK BOOTS to work or to an after work party, accessorise with some simple hooped earrings and a long coat.

Dress It Down

If you are getting ready to dance in preparation of spring, you'd this outfit combination that is not only comfy but also extremely playful. While the weather is still a little bit chilly, this outfit is perfect for a group outing in the day. The simple top allows your leopard print maxi skirt to really stand out. This is perfect for the girl who is carefree and just wants to have a bit of fun, maybe too much fun... but she's not ready to slow down anytime soon.

WEAR WITH A SIMPLE WHITE BRALETTE AND CHUNKY SNEAKERS to a daytime outing with your friends, or to a music gig. Remember simple is key to making this outfit work.

Dress it Normally

For those who are feeling like they are off for a quiet, chilled day, this outfit combination would provide you with optimal comfiness. You're able to stay warm when you're out with a chunky knit top, and basically feel the breeze from underneath your maxi skirt if it's too warm. To prove that this outfit is comfortable, I've even ran down a road to prove it. This is perfect for the girl who is heading to the cafe for the day with her pair of glasses, some books and a good cup of coffee.

WEAR WITH A CHUNKY KNIT SWEATER AND WHITE PLIMSOLLS to a cafe or a walk around the park. The key to this outfit is finding a chunky knit sweater that is nicely hemmed at the bottom, so you don't have to tuck it in.

Shop, Shop, Shop

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