Hygge The Home For A Healthy Mind

Hygge is a mindset and a way of living life that originated in Denmark. Hygge does not have a direct translation in English, but essentially is the practice of living a cosy lifestyle. Those who practice a Hygge lifestyle and implement it into their homes tend to be less stressed, happier, and closer to their family.

Whether you live in a small or large home and travel to simple cabins or The Star Residences , it is important to bring an essence of Hygge with you, and today we are going to talk about how you can do this for better mental wellbeing.

Heat it up

When creating a home that emanates Hygge, it is important to focus on heat sources to make the house cosier and more comfortable for all. We can increase the heat in the home in several ways. You can install more radiators, block doors with a draught excluder, and insulate inside the walls and ceilings. Creating a warm and comfortable home will relax the mind and body.

Bring in the outdoors

Part of bringing Hygge into the home is to connect with nature. Nature offers a relaxing effect to all of us and bringing plants into the home can make a huge difference to the look and atmosphere of the house. Think about bringing plants such as Begonias, Peace lillies and Aloe Vera’s to the space and these will immediately make the home feel full of life.

Dim the lights

The main thing those in Demark do when actively living a Hygge lifestyle is ditching bright lights in favour of soft Hygge-friendly light fittings as well as candles. Candles are huge in the Hygge lifestyle, and the more candles you can light throughout your living space the better it will be. This will allow you to stay warm and cosy all year long and create a relaxing home atmosphere.

Soften the home

Relaxing and feeling cosy is mainly about comfort, and to gain comfort we will need to think about soft items and accessories in the home as well as a soft colour palette for the eyes. Make sure to bring plenty of pastel into the home as well as cushions and blankets to make your living space as comfortable as possible.

Bond with family

Hygge is all about simplifying life in order to make time for the people who mean the most to us. Be sure to free up your home and your schedule in order to spend with those closest to you. You can also think about creating a room arrangement that invites conversation and socialisation.


To feel relaxed and at ease, in any space, it is important to clear out the clutter and make sure you have space to breathe and think. This means if you have a host of random objects and items in the house with no meaning or purpose, it is time to clear it out and create some open space. A clear space will bring a clear mind and a Hygge mindset.