Is Your House A Burglary Case Waiting To Happen?

Burglars don’t just pick their targets at random. Many tend to choose homes based on visible weaknesses. Here are just a few ways in which you could be advertising home to burglars without knowing.

Oversharing information on social media

Many burglars are now choosing their victims based on information posted on social media. You should be careful when posting pictures of the inside of your home – taking photos of every room from any angle when moving into a new home could be a way of advertising valuables and potential points of entry to eagle-eyes burglars. You should also be careful of posting up holiday snaps and travel updates – this tells burglars that you’re not at home, making it easier to plan a break in.

Putting valuables on display

You should be careful of flaunting valuables for passers-by to see. If your living room faces out onto a busy street, you don’t want to be leaving the curtains open so that everyone can see your new flat-screen TV. This allows thieves to go window shopping and plan what they could steal. Using net curtains or frosted glass can prevent passers-by looking into your home whilst still allowing the light to flood in. Similarly, be careful about what you put in your garden – it could be worth covering up that brand new barbecue with a sheet or locking it away in a shed.

Not fixing damaged doors and windows

Doors and windows that are visibly damaged make an easy point of entry for a thief. Make sure that none of your doors of hanging off the hinges or that the locks are clearly broken. Similarly, make sure to fix any cracked windows that could easily shattered – a window replacement company such as Carrig Glass ought to be able to handle this. Opting for reinforced doors and reinforced glass could help to deter thieves.

Letting a high hedge conceal your home

You might think a high hedge deters thieves by preventing them from peeking in. However, it can actually have the opposite effect by giving burglars something to hide behind. High hedges can help to conceal burglars in the act – preventing neighbours and passers-by from seeing what’s going on. Consider cutting down that hedge so that burglars have nothing hide behind.

Having no outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can help to catch burglars in the act at night. Consider adding some form of light to the exterior of your home so that your home isn’t shrouded in shadows. Motion sensing lights as found at TLC Direct are the best option for saving energy – these will only light up when motion is detected outside.