It's Not Quite Cold Enough But...

You should know by now that winter is coming. But first, it's friendlier cousin is coming over first. Autumn is a time for when fashion can mix into the obscure grey area of not quite wrapping up warm, but not quite wearing clothes for a breeze. You can still wear bright colors but the material choices have changed. Instead of nylon for your dress, you should wear cotton. Instead of denim shorts for summer, you should wear denim jeans and jackets. Autumn doesn’t need to be a time when you’re just experimenting since all your creativity in outfits was used up during the spring and summer. It's easy to go with the darker colors, the thicker materials and simply cover more of yourself with clothes. But what if you could embrace the goosebumps from a cooler temperature and still look slender, feminine and chic?

Halfway but stylish

For the upper body, the options for tops gets even better for this time of the year. The hotter it gets the less you’ll want to wear so actually the days of basic strap tops are replaced with more creativity to bare some skin. One of the ways you can get to this halfway look is a sleeveless knit top from Burberry which can be found on The Fifth Collection. It's a navy blue and has a slight hourglass shape to it. The arms are bare as well as the shoulders and the neck is a bit straight but open. The bottom of the top hugs your hips and waist and has a ribbed hem pattern. There’s a button fastening on the left-hand side of the neckline for a little petite feature. It's made from 100% cotton and to top it off it's made in Italy.

One or two will do

It's autumn so jeans have to make an appearance in your wardrobe. However, it's not quite cold enough yet so don’t dismiss ripped jeans. You don’t need to have fully ripped jeans though, it looks a little strange to have rips that go all the way through and show skin. It's reminiscent of summertime and that's not the look you want during this time, it should be more about the transition. So, ditch the light blue denim and get something that's more ocean blue instead. Just have one or two rips instead and let them be a little rugged but not fully penetrating the denim. It's key that you don’t quite go for the darker shades of jeans just yet, and go for a slim fit not straight or boot cut.

Flattening the leaves

Autumntime is great for walking through parks and hearing the crunching of the leaves beneath your feet. Although there are lots of boot options for this time, you can still pull off flat shoes but they should be made out of something a little thicker such as suede. Suede is a great halfway house, blending style, comfort and practicality in one.

Maybe autumn is the best test of fashion sense since it's the one season that doesn’t have a normal or popular brands making special items for it. It's a transitional period where you can mix in a little bit of the past warmer months with the incoming cooler winds.