Jobs That Require Emotional Intelligence

It’s essential to consider how certain jobs may require different skillsets. Not everyone can perform every job competently, even despite training. However, everyone will usually possess multiple strengths, meaning that transitioning from job to job is more than possible for the majority of people. It might be that some strengths you consider yourself to have seem impossible to adapt to the working environment. For the most part, this is not so.

Emotional intelligence is a skill that many enjoy disregarding, as it seems ephemeral, not grounded in an easy to measure manner, among many other things. However, it’s worthwhile to know that if this is your main skill, you may be rewarded well with a useful and satisfying career in the following fields:

Social Work

Social workers require emotional intelligence in droves. Helping arrange fractured families to communicate, or to work through issues can help you begin to fix a problem that may have been long festering, or perhaps heal those who have experienced that injury already. Social work can help you remove children from toxic situations and to have more of a promising outlook on life, or can help you locate better homes for such folk. No matter how, where or when you contribute, a social career role will require hefty emotional intelligence and an ability to judge the solutions to problems that have a real impact on many lives. This job is of course hard, but when you manage to arrange a happy conclusion, you can potentially feel some of the best job satisfaction that you may have ever felt.

Personal Consultation

Consulting with those looking for help can be an extremely promising job, but one that requires a knowledge and an ability to read other people. Many jobs fit into this category, from a lifestyle coach to a personal trainer, but also even tarot jobs and perhaps post-pregnancy care therapists. In order to read someone and help them, you need to pay close attention to their personal situation and personality, in order to ascertain what great solution lies as the next step for everyone involved. Thankfully, this is more than possible to achieve if you work diligently at the role and pay attention in training, continually seeking to educate yourself regarding your chosen field.

Human Resource

HR is perhaps one of the most interesting jobs in the corporate field. Social issues are of course quite pronounced outside of a business, but inside they can become very interesting. From resolving staff fights to punishing those in violation of harassment policies to sheltering an employee that may have been a victim of workplace bullying, HR is the glue that binds departments and the spirit of an office together. While you’ll need qualifications in the correct matter of resolving faults, and also should be intimately knowledgeable about workplace policy, you should also absolutely retain emotional intelligence to work with in every scenario.

With these three careers, your ability to read and empathise with people will become a great professional boon, pushing you in the direction of a great career.