Keeping Up With The Latest Bedroom Styles

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‘Home is wherever you hang your hat’ seems to be an adage that has made it through the years. It seems as though it was crafted in Western times, but we can’t be sure. However, the message of the statement remains preserved. Your home is wherever you feel the most comfortable and anchored to in life. We all have these areas in which we orbit, even those who go travelling for years at a time. Most of us call an apartment home, or purchasing our own houses via a mortgage, or move in with someone to craft a life together.

No matter where you hang your hat, it’s important to realise that your home is also a fashion statement. It’s decors, it’s layout, it’s utility, all of it says plenty about you. If you’re reading this at home, take a look around. How does your home represent your personality? If you’re hoping to improve it due to this new perspective, you might consider the following:

Uniformity Of Style

Consider how uniform the style in your home actually is. If you enjoy a rustic style in one room and an ultra-minimalist design in another, your room will lack cohesion and frankly look odd. It’s important to keep a relatively common motif throughout the home, though of course you can experiment with colour etc. It might be that instead of placing all of your family pictures in one room you spread them through the house, or that your kitchen diner stools match with the chairs at the main table. Little trimmings such as cupboard handles are best matched with the draw handles, and if your cupboards are all painted an off-white, a painted silver counter-top might fit more coherently than a dark walnut.

These are just tiny considerations, but they emphasise that uniformity of style not only helps you make easier purchasing decisions, but absolutely helps the space flow with a better sense of logic, and can help your home stand out to any and all visitors.

A Little Fun

You don’t need to be so formal. Just like a good outfit, the best one’s aren’t those that are worn without any sense of humour or fun confidence. A home is much the same way. It’s possible for the rooms to be too perfect, to feel lifeless, and to be too choreographed. You might fall into this line of thinking after reading a Feng Shui book, but even those design philosophies know the importance of an engaging living space. It could be that you keep a novelty arcade machine in one room, a simple dart board hung in your office, or novelty cushions for your couch. If you’re feeling ‘extra,’ a comedic oil painting of you above the mantelpiece can serve as a hilarious conversation starter. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your home. It’s where you need to spend a portion of every day, after all.

Just like good fashion, what works is simple. With these simple tips, your home should shine in its design.