Mistakes You Make In Your 20s

The problem with being in your twenties is that you think you know everything and have the freedom to put what you know into practice. While no-one should regret their actions, it’s clear to see that there are a few common mistakes that most people seem to make in that gap between adolescent youth and outright adulthood. The good news is that most errors are harmless, and can actually be undone if we’re willing to work on ourselves. Let’s check them out.

Being Too Career-Focused

We leave university, and then we’re all in a bit of panic when it comes to getting a job. We don’t want to be left on the shelf! So we find work, and then spend years establishing ourselves and moving up the ladder. There’s nothing wrong with this - and will serve you well in the long run - but sometimes there is such a thing as being too career focused. Our twenties are also the time to travel, try new things, and so on, it is the time for you to mature in other ways not just in your career. If we’re continually putting off other aspects of our life in favour of our jobs, then we might be missing out on some experiences. But good news: there’s no age barrier to doing fun and exciting things!

Crazy Finances

Some people have the opposite problem. They focus too much on having fun, and, in the process, have a pretty cavalier approach to their cash. They think nothing about booking an expensive trip using their credit card, which of course results in debt. It happens to many a young adult, so don’t worry! It’s never too late to learn how to get out of credit card debt, create a monthly budget, and get your finances in order. In the grand scheme of things, the financial errors of your twenties don’t have to be too important.

Wasted Love

Who knows a thing about love in their twenties? Not many people. It takes time to figure ourselves out, let alone other people! The problem isn’t the falling in love part - it’s staying too long after we, deep down, probably know that it’s not going anywhere. Call it fear of being alone or whatever else, it happens. You can’t take back the years you spent with the wrong person, but you can learn lessons that you can take into your next relationship.

Following the Crowd

We all want to belong, to feel a part of something bigger. However, sometimes, in our quest for that, we just end up following whatever everyone else is doing. It’s a risky approach because all the while you’re doing that, you’re ignoring the inner voice, which will guide you in the right way if you only listen. But at least there’s no lasting damage! Just begin thinking for yourself, don’t worry what other people think, and you’ll end up on a journey to become the most authentic version of yourself.

It’s not easy transitioning into adulthood - of course, we’re going to make mistakes! With some luck and effort, we can ensure they don’t have a lasting negative impact on our lives.