#OOTD: Outfits for Summer Festivals

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Fashion is something that is a never ending topic, this time around I want to share some of my ideas for this summer's festival fashion inspiration. Fashion plays an especially big part in summer festivals. Have you chosen an outfit to make a fashion statement during this summer? If you are out of fashion inspiration read this post to see what kind of outfits you can go for! There are many fashion inspirations to make you look stunning for festivals this summer.

Spring has begun and summer is just around the corner. Besides ice cream and picnic days, there will be festival days too. This summer, rather than going to Parklife I have decided to try a new and upcoming festival - Venture festival. The trouble with British festivals are that you never know what to expect with the weather, which is why your choice of fashion is very, very important. Here are some of the things I've picked out so far. 


[ˈes.tɪ.vəl]  adjective

Belonging to or appearing in summer.


I haven't written a fashion post in a while, mainly because between setting up at my new apartment, my job and just life, in general, I haven't had the motivation to do much writing. While I took a break from writing about outfits, I started planning for my upcoming events to get me excited for the next few months. One of those many, many events as you will know now is my attendance at Venture festival, a new festival that will be held in Nottingham.


Who wouldn't want to look aestival for a festival? It's the perfect time of the year to flaunt your creative edge and create the best festival outfit you can think of. During recent years, bohemian and shorts, crochet and body jewels have taken the festival trend by storm. Myself included, I wore outfits along the lines of those and to be frank I just don't think it has the wow factor I am looking for. I thought this year I'll do some research and dig for some nice fashion trends and consequently how you can recreate it!



I have been obsessed with the layering trend, this fashion style is for those who want a sexy and bold edge, with a hint of subtlety. You can wear minimal, simple clothing on your bottom layer and pair it with a long, sheer outer layer to achieve the effortlessly sexy but at the same time an elegant, fashionable look. I personally love this style because it is just different from what I have seen lately, rather than a boring jacket you can make it a fashion statement (although you might be a bit chilly, but hey - as long as you look ace right?)


Tip no. 1: Always choose simple under layers, whether it is a matching set of bralet and hot pants or a simple top and shorts combination, keep the colours and cutting simple. This way it doesn't detract from your outer layer!

Tip no.2: The problem with flowing layers is that it might not necessarily wrap around the right places to show off your body structure. Especially with a small stature, a belt around the waist would extenuate your figure. It is also an opportunity for you to make a fashion statement.

Tip no. 3: Choosing an outer layer that has a slit gives off an effortless sense of elegance and sexiness, not only that it will be easier for you to be walking around, as it might be inconvenient for you to stride along the park!



1. Nasty Gal - Sheer Maxi Dress (£20)

2. Nasty Gal - Sheer Longline Top (£30)

3. Pretty Little Thing - Marlie Black Embroidered Floral Sheer Lace Mini Dress (£32)



Having glitter on your face has been a beloved festival fashion trend for years now. Due to my forgetfulness, I try not to wear any around my eyes, knowing me I would probably rub the glitter into my eyes and cause some major damage to my eyeballs. As a safer option, and not to feel left out of the trend, I chose an outfit option that will allow you to bedazzle your way through your festivals. Glitter fashion. I mean, who doesn't want to look like a mermaid or a walking disco ball? You can take a baby step by bringing along some sequinned accessories (bag, hairpiece...etc) or take the big leap and wear a sequinned outfit. If you want to go for something dramatic, a festival is the best time to do it!


Tip no. 1: If you're going for this fashion style, you can't be subtle. That is why you should, on top of the shimmery colour, choose an interesting clothing! Whether it is a bodysuit, a bandeau top or hot pants, the sequins will draw all the attention with its loud colours rather than the cutting of the outfit itself. 

Tip no.2: While this isn't entirely a fashion tip, it might be worth considering wearing something under the sequinned outfit. Due to the texture and the way they are attached, the inner layer may cause discomfort by cutting into or chaffing. Make sure you protect your skin so you have a fun, care-free day. 


1. Missguided - Petite Black Plunge Sequin Bodysuit (£25)

2 - TopShop - Festival Rainbow Sequin Halter Neck Top (£40)

3 - Motel Rocks - Colete Slip Dress in Opal Unicorn Sequin Pink (£55)



The two fashion styles mentioned previously can be a little bit out there, and a part of me would like a more subtle choice of me for my festival days, considering how there are two days to the festival and I will be staying on Venture festival's campsite, I can probably do a mid-day change as the evening approaches. Tassels are a subtle fashion decoration to your outfit and add a little bit of movement to your outfit. The tassels themselves come in multiple forms and you can choose the kind that best fits your personal style. They can be in short and fluffy bundles, but also in a fringe (the long and thin filaments)! Whichever you choose, it is a great choice for your festival outfit this summer.


Tip no. 1: When you think fringe, it's almost natural to assume that it will be faux suede. With the summer heat, faux suede might not be the best choice of fashion piece, it's heavy and can get ruined really easily if not careful. Choose some fabric based tassel fashion pieces, not only does it allow you to have a more flexible range of colours, it also adds a bohemian vibe to your look!

Tip no.2:  When creating an outfit involving tassels, it can be quite subtle so don't worry about adding accessories to the look. Some good jewelry to go with the outfit include feathery items or anything golden/brass. It gives that rustic vibe that is perfect for a festival. 

Tip no. 3: Seeing as I haven't mentioned shoes for any of the outfits, it seems like I may as well for this one. Don't be too worried about what to wear it with, as tassels look very nice with ankle boots or any shoes in general. Just maybe not Crocs...



1 - Lovely Pepa - White Caicos Skirt  (Approx £60)

2 - River Island - Orange Crochet Tassel Hem Bralet (£30)

3 - Pull and Bear - Fringed Suede Jacket (£149)


Website: www.venture-festival.com

Date: 11th &  12th August

Location: Chapel House in Low Moor, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Ticket Price: From £40

That's all I have to say for today! Tell me which festival you're off to this summer and what you're going to be wearing to it!

Lots of Love,