#OOTD: Yellow Playsuit

Summer is in full force. While the weather has cooled down a little bit this week (which I am grateful for), it had been crazy sunny for a straight month. The weather meant I had to do a quick wardrobe change. One of my favourite finds this month was a summer playsuit from ASOS. It's a super simple playsuit, but my favourite part about it is the perfect shade of yellow. Have a look if this is the one for you!


[ɔːrɪət]  adjective

Made of or having the colour of gold.

Playsuit - ASOS Yellow Summer Playsuit (£22)


Shoes - Levis White Canvas Slip-on (£35)


Bad - Michael Kors (£136)  



I just needed a summer haul, as t-shirts and jeans weren't doing it. I was sweating through pretty much everything I wore and I just wanted something that resembled less to what I would wear at work... You know the outfits where I can show off the fake tan you've just applied? Yeah those. So I thought I'd do a quick shop online and see what I can find.


I love playsuits because they are so convenient, you don't have to think of a combination - just pop it on and you are ready! The only downside is that you can only wear it that many times and you might get board of it. However, with this gem, I have found that it was incredibly easy to wear it with various styles of shoes and can fit with various occasions.



I bought it on ASOS. When I browsed, there were a few colours for this particular style. I loved how it was made out of a light material which allowed it to look more like a dress than a playsuit. It had little buttons down the front as well as giving it a very cute vintage vibe (ruffly sleeves and everything). The yellow however stood out to me the most.


I found the colour matched with pretty much every colour. However I found it worked best with anything white, this goes for sandals or sneakers! I had to opt for my navy Primani slippers (that only costed me 90p) on the days I took these photos as I was in a full-on holiday mode.


To be honest, I didn't really need to do much with my face as it was such a bright outfit. All I really needed was some sunscreen, a bit of my daily eyeliner. You know how after a run, you get those bright rosy cheeks. I wanted to recreate a fraction of that healthy glow, so I did that with a bit of blush on my cheeks above my bronzer, I topped it off with a light red lip stain that tied the look together.


This is a look that can definitely be dressed up for a daytime party. If you were to have a daytime celebration to go to pair the playsuit with some golden thin strapped heel sandals. The colour along with the yellow gives it a luxurious vibe 

That's all I have to say for today! Enjoy finding my favourite fashion colour too!