Perfect Rainy Day Outfits For Working Ladies

The summer right now is blistering. It's honestly one of the hottest summers ever on record and we're both expecting and wanting some rain. Partly to cool the temperature down, the other part to revive some of the hay situation we have been facing (rather than green grass). I was in London this past weekend and it was breezy, rainy and it's just the UK that I've always known. Rather than strong showers of rain, it's often little fluffy specks of water droplets that aren't enough to drench you but enough to cause your clothes to have small patches of water marks (not cool). With it being so hard to predict the rain, it would and was foolish for me to not prepare for it. With high hopes that the weather will go back to the sunny streak as we did in the past month, for now it might be useful to be prepared for those rainy days. 

Summer coats

Coming from Hong Kong, you wouldn't even think about bringing a coat out in the summer season. However with the weather in the UK, you can almost take advantage of the cooler climate to your advantage in creating extraordinary outfit combinations by layering it up. Surprisingly, there are so many styles and new designs that get released every year.

As a young professional, I like putting on a  long sleeve jersey jackets to give that more mature edge as opposed to my usual younger attire. The design is simple, often made out of textured fabric and the coat weighs a little as a pair of denim shorts. You can wear a t-shirt underneath and the coat acts like a long jersey. Think of it, as a slimmer and lighter version of the windbreaker. And thanks to it being summer, expect to see these coats in loud colours, such as tangerine orange, sunflower yellow and summer rose red. While this isn't waterproof and won't withstand showers, it will, for the time being, stop your clothes from getting water marks in the rain.

Wind and elegance

The two best things about the summer season are the smell of freshly cut grass, and a summer breeze. The sun is shining, yet sometimes after a short period of rain, it does give a cool gust of wind. In this circumstance, you want something that’s incredibly light, allows the wind to pick it up a little and play with it as a mark of elegance. One of the many gift ideas from Cuckooland is the spaniel cashmere scarf. It's 80% cashmere and 20% Merino wool which makes it incredibly light and airy. The colours are cream and chocolate brown and it has Labrador dog prints all over the scar. And the best part is, it's handmade in Tibet. Despite being light, it's made of wool so it absorbs any heat so if you want to wrap up warm suddenly when the rain starts to pour, this is a great item to have.

You can’t predict it, but summers do often get broken up by sudden downpours. The rain brings with it a series of cooler maybe even cold days. But you still want to dress casual and as if the heat will come back any second.