Preparing To Invent A New Space When Moving Home

Are you someone who’s on the way out of your current place? Are you in the middle of moving and need to come up with an action plan for arranging all your items as soon as possible? Maybe you’ve got all the boxes through the door, and now you have no idea how you’re going to pick and choose the right remnants of your old house to go snugly into your new place?

When you’ve moved house, you don’t want to fall into the same interior design trap that you used to live in, and you probably want a refreshed space with a refreshing look around you. Don’t worry, that can be an easier feat to complete than you think! You’ve moved house, you’ve got a completely fresh slate, so let’s make sure you’ve got some ideas in the bank for crafting yourself a home that actually looks and feels like you.

Be Ready to Throw Things Out!

You remember it taking ages looking for a removals company, and now you know why: there are practically thousands of boxes in front of you, all of which need unpacking and fitting into your new home, and you’re absolutely dreading the job you have ahead of you. Well, get the black bags out, phone up a skip hire, and get to work throwing out things you will never ever need again.

You don’t want your new home to be all a-clutter, and you never want to have to pick and traipse your way through the halls because all the junk you own is spilling out of the rooms it’s meant to be kept in. Think about the essentials: your big furniture pieces, your cutlery and crockery etc. And then think about those old cushions you’re hanging on for for absolutely no reason. Which ones would you keep?

Know the Room’s Function

Every room in your old place was stuffed to the brim with junk, and you got very little functionality out of them without tripping over something or needing to move something else out of the way. Or maybe half of your old rooms were purely aesthetic, and you were sick of rearranging the potted plants you kept on the shelf above your desk after you pulled something you actually needed to use off of it!

Either way, you need to first think how the rooms you’re trying to decorate are going to be used. Once the function is squared away, you can then turn to the style you’re going to outfit it with. Will your living room be used for sitting down and chatting to your family, or will you have the TV in there as well? Will your kitchen just be for cooking, or do you want it to be the perfect party hosting place too? Simply, think about your needs first, and then get designing.

Your new home can be a refreshing space, as long ad you agree to leave the past behind you! So get to decorating!