Quick and Simple DIY Photo Projects

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Many people take lots of photos while they are on holiday and then they get filed away on your computer or printed off and put in a box, and they only get looked at very occasionally. This is a shame to let should good memories disappear and only be seen once in a blue moon. This does not have to be the case though. There are things you can do so that your holiday snaps are not forgotten.

Hang The Best Ones

In everyone’s photo collection there is always a few that stand out from the rest because they are so good. Why not print these and out then in good quality photo frames that you can hang in varying places in your home. Then each time you walk past one of them you will be reminded of the wonderful holiday you had.

It is now even possible to get your photos printed directly from your smartphone, and this can help you to pick the best angle, the best lighting and generally make sure you are producing the best photo possible.

Pin Them To A Cork-board

Quite a novel idea is to pin them to a large cork board as part of your decor. First of all, you find a large wall space for the board and then fix a map of the world to it. You do not need all the paper from around the edges of the map, just the shaped parts that actually shows the different countries. Then you pin a snap of you or a family member to each place you have been, making sure to write an approximate date of the visit on the back of the photo.

Make A Puzzle

Kids love this idea. Have some photos mounted onto a board and made into jigsaw puzzles. It will keep the children amused whilst they complete them unless of course, you are having them made for yourself.

Luggage Tags

Advice is always given to travellers warning them to personalise their luggage as much as possible You cannot get much more personal than luggage tags with photos on, or some family photos actually stuck to the luggage. There are firms that specialise in making luggage tags from photos, and in turning them into stickers so you can affix them to your suitcases.

While talking about using them for identification while travelling, another good idea is having them oriented onto your passport holder. These are usually made from several photos, but of course, can be just one if you want.

Paint Them

There is something rather special about portraits, and this can be painted from photos. Why not start off by having a go at printing a scene to see how you get on? Then you can decide if you want to progress to portraits or get someone more experienced to do it for you.

Photos can be printed on all sorts of things, from tiles for your walls to socks for your feet. It is so much nicer if they are not hidden away all the time, and it is good for our brains to be reminded of good memories.