Reasons For Failure and How To Avoid Them

Success is the one thing that many will tell you that they want above all other things. When you’re growing up, people will tell you that all they want for you is to be successful, so it’s a word that sticks in the mind. The thing is, the road to success is not an easy path to be on and there are things from being broke to turning to criminal activity that can derail your success. That may seem like an exaggeration, but if you consider that you will be working extremely hard toward your future and finding that success - whatever that means for you - then you need to consider all the things that could put your future in jeopardy.

The one thing to know about success is that it doesn’t care how much you wish for it. You will either be successful, or you won’t, and the decision here is entirely up to you. The way that you live your life is going to determine how successful you are by the end of it, but there are some decisions that you could make that could entirely derail your plans. Here are four of those decisions that you would make that are going to affect your future in a negative way:


The decision to put off the things that you want to do is a negative decision that’s going to stagnate your success. It’s the thief of time and it’s the thief of happiness, given the chance. If you continue to push everything in your life to ‘later’, then you’ll never reach your goals because your goals will always happen at a quarter past never. You need to consider why you are putting things off and work on it - quickly.


Believe it or not, those cash in hand jobs you had and didn’t declare? That’s fraud. Being arrested for fraud - or any other crime, really - is going to stop you from being successful. It’s hard to be taken seriously with a record. You can learn more about Bourdon Defence and talk to someone about how a crime can impact your future and what you can do about it. You know the difference between right and wrong - don’t choose wrong.


Courage is not something that everyone has ingrained within them; it’s something you develop over time. Making a decision that feels risky is hard, and without courage, you won’t have the confidence to make the scary decisions to push you into success. Learn to live in the moment and don’t be intimidated by the scary risks - take them anyway.

Fault FindingIt’s always okay to see a fault, but it’s not okay to constantly find fault with your ideas when you want to be successful. Be a problem solver instead of a complainer; once you find the fault, find the fix instead of picking at it.

Your life could be everything that you dream for it to be. If you have a little bravery, a lot of motivation and you get things done legally, success is something that you’re going to be able to hold.