Reorganize Your Life For Maximum Satisfaction

Sometimes we can feel stuck in a rut. We may be feeling the effects of having an overbearing boss at work, we might have trouble at home with our partner or we might have some financial concerns. Burying your head in the sand is always the easy option. You can try and forget about your worries in the hope that they will disappear. They won’t. Instead, you need to be solution minded and take a proactive approach to reorganising your life for the better.

For some, the thought of reorganising their life seems like a mammoth task. You might be in debt, unhappy at work or in an unhappy relationship. This doesn’t mean that you have to make do with each of these situations. It is well within your power to change your life, give it a much needed overhaul and find your mindset on a much more positive path. Take a look at this guide to reorganising your life for maximum satisfaction.

At Home

It doesn’t matter whether you are unhappy with your partner or you simply can’t bear the clutter in your home, the chances are your home life can make you feel down and very low. Every morning you should be excited to face the day, rather than dreading what may come your way. You might find that your worries come from your neighbours. It’s not unheard of for people to feel stuck in a rut fighting with their next door former pals about a garden boundary. You need to tackle these problems head on rather than letting them languish. Hire yourself a civil law dispute expert and solve the issue once and for all. This might mean compromise or going all out for a win. In either case, being more active in your pursuit of a resolution can make you feel more content.

If you find yourself in an unhappy relationship, you need to talk to your partner. Your partner needs to know how you’re feeling. You might be able to save your relationship through couples counselling or through simple dialogue. Alternatively, you may choose to make a clean break and be single again. Think about your future as a couple and whether you still share the same values and want the same things. If you have begun to disagree over these fundamental issues, then you need to seriously consider your future.

Ending a relationship can be terrifying. You will suddenly be on your own, and you will be tempted to remain in the relationship as you’d rather be complacent than lonely. Don’t do this. Be brave and embark on a new chapter of your life.

If your home is looking busy, messy and untidy, it’s time to undertake a spring clean, whether it’s spring or not. You need your home to be fit for purpose. A lighter and more airy atmosphere will help your mind feel less cluttered too. Get the cleaning equipment out, whip out some boxes and get decluttering. You don’t have to sell everything or donate all your goods to charity. By simply packing them away and storing them in the loft, your home will feel like a totally different environment in which you can live. Decluttering your home is a sound way to declutter your mind.


If you find yourself stuck in a role that has you completing tasks blindfolded and with your hands tied behind your back, the chances are that you aren’t fulfilled in your professional life. It’s time to make a change. Brush up on your skill set, get enrolled on a couple of courses, and get prepared to apply for a promotion or two. By putting the feelers out and trying to explore your employment options you may find a better paid role that will challenge you and give you job satisfaction once again.

If you haven’t been on a training course in a good few years, take some time out and invest in yourself. This could be an evening college course, a day release course at a university or a part time MBA. Doing this can also help you network and develop further contacts in the industry.

Make contact with previous employers and secure some referees who can validate your exceptional skills. When making your applications it’s vital that you don’t use a scattergun approach. You need to hone the roles that you want to go for and target your resume and cover letter specifically to each company. Address an individual by name and explain what you have to offer them, not simply what they can offer you. Be engaging and enthusiastic and show off some knowledge about the company that you are applying to. This means that your letter of application will be anything but generic and you will garner the attention of the recipient.

When you get invited to interview, you already have your foot halfway through the door. Your application must have impressed and you have made it through the long listing and shortlisting process. Now, it is your time to shine. You must dress the part, get suited and booted, have a haircut and be prepared to answer all sorts of scenario and skill based questions. Be prepared to make an ad hoc presentation or to undertake a typical in tray exercise. These will test your ability to think under pressure and will help your potential employer work out whether you are fit for management.

You must try to echo the ethos of the company that you want to work for. If the company structure is relatively informal and laid back, make sure that you present with a sense of humor and willingness to crack a smile. If formality is more the order of the day, make sure that you are courteous and talk with more authority and clarity about all things work based, leaving the personal information at home.

Forget wallowing and burying your head in the sand. If you need to make a change in your life, do so for the good of your own well being.